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Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Letter to my Son on his 3rd Birthday!

Cool as can be!
Dear Turner,

Today you are 3 years old. This is, indeed, a fact that I say with a frown leaving you to ask: "Mommy, why does it make you sad?" The answer, my dear, is this:
I am not sad, no, not sad at all. I am proud, and thrilled, and ever so touched by all that you are, and all that you become each day. I am happy to see you aging and thriving and growing and maturing. But, as every mommy knows, letting go of your baby, death grip and all, as he steps over the big boy threshold is ever so bittersweet.

In many ways, Turner, you are far beyond your years. You are wise, and funny, and bright, and compassionate. You are deliberate in your words and keenly aware of your surroundings. You are kind and sensitive and, still, tough and strong. Every day you amaze me with the sentences you use, and the context in which you use them, and the words you choose. You have a street smart about you that would indicate you were raised somewhere other than this in this bubble in which we raise you:)

You are social and friendly. Most kids your age don't even play "with" others and, yet, and you seem to embrace your friendships with passion and loyalty. You have an ability to be boisterous and silly and show signs of leadership. Then, just as easily, you can be quiet, and bashful, and shy, yet charming. You will stop talking and just smile, and let your eyes and grin speak volumes.

Over the last year you started school.  Last year you didn't talk one time, probably because you were hot for teacher, but this year you are showing signs of a quiet leadership. At school, you are helpful, and behaved, and happy. You are compulsive about cleaning.  You come home singing all of the songs and ask every morning if it is a school day. You love Ms. Kathryn and Ms. Eileen. Jagger is still your best friend. Bram is your buddy. And, your girlfriend is either Haley or Dalia, both who turn your cheeks red when I mention their name.

You are the creative type.  You love to paint, you love to use stamps, and your favorite is to jam out on your guitar.  You sing.  ALL.  DAY. LONG.   Every song you can think of (most, which you learn in school) and will strum your guitar every chance you get.  You set up your chair, your guitar with pick, your microphone, and your strum away.  Tapping your foot and making sure I am listening the whole time.

We moved you to a bed in August, a transition that was easy and natural.  You are still a good sleeper (though, lately, have been waking in the middle of the night and asking me to sleep with you) and still nap most days, though not always usually in your own bed.  You are not a big TV watcher, though you will never pass up an episode of Mickey Mouse.  Your new favorite show, however, is Imagination Movers.

Although you have been to a handful of movies (at the theater), you are not interested in sitting through a whole movie.  And, each time, we have had to walk you into the hallway.  You are a busy boy, who can entertain himself.  You are independent and self-reliant when you want to be, and will beg for me to hold you and play with you at other times.  You are the best errand buddy there is.  You don't sit still much, but are not overly rambunctious and it seems you are always developing thoughts and ideas in your head.

Although the last three years have passed too quickly, since the time you were an infant you seemed like a big kid.   Your persona and your smile can fill up a room in a big way.  You are fun.  Fun to be around, fun to have around.   You have a grin, sometimes open mouthed sometimes closed, but always, always, noticed.  By everyone.  Not a day passes that I don't receive a compliment on your great smile.

You have a special relationship with your brothers, whom you call the guys, and they with you.   It is such a nice, warm feeling to watch the three of you engage in your horse play and know that you love each other beyond any fighting and teasing could ever indicate.   I love that you are not scared to fight back with them and I love that, in the end, all 3 of you look out for each other in a way that I could have only hoped for.

At your three year old check up you weighed in at 32 pounds and stood at 37 inches.  That falls as exactly average for both.  You are bigger and taller and thicker than either of your brothers were at this age. (Chase 30 pounds, 36 inches.  Ryder 29 pounds 35 2/4 inches.)

Your 3rd birthday was celebrated in wonderful ways.   We woke up on the morning of your birthday and you were greeted, instantly, by all of us with loud "happy birthdays" and "I love you's."  You went to school where you were the shabbat boy.  Me, daddy, and mom-mom Joan came to your classroom to share in the special day.  You were adorably quiet but we all had fun.  After, Chase and Ryder joined us for lunch at Jakes.   That night the 5 of us celebrated with our traditional dinner show at Mt. Fuji.  We had an absolute blast.  When we came home we spent at least an hour playing and laughing and celebrating you.  I hope you can remember even some of this birthday because it was so much fun.   The next morning we had your birthday party at Dominic's Pizza with Tom the Magician.   Amazingly you had asked, relentlessly, for a magical party.  I suggested three or four other things for you (New Hope Train, Messy Play time, Gym) but all you wanted was a magician.  I am glad I listened to you. Not only was Tom fantastic but you were an amazing apprentice.  For all the tendencies you have to be shy when attention is on you, you reveled in the magic show and enjoyed every single second of the act.  A great time was had by all.


This past year was not a very good one in general.  We had some bad luck, a sad loss, some acts of nature against us, and a down economic year.  Everyone has their crap.  But, through it all, there was always you and your brothers.  Your laughter echoing within our walls, your smile lighting up a room, your hugs, your kisses, your "I love you's," to remind us that our blessings don't always come to us by way of easy times, but by love and laughter and sons.

I wish I could freeze you just as you are today because every second with you is an adorable good time.  But, I can't.  So, instead, I enjoy these passing moments and look so very forward to what is ahead.  To your continued growth.  To your continued smiles.  I look forward to continuing to learn from you as you learn from me.  I look forward to hearing more of your music!!  Everyday.

Every moment of every day I am reminded why I am the luckiest Mommy in the world and how very proud you make me.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Turner Luke!

I love you,


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