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Saturday, January 28, 2012

That's Just What Friends do!

Since the time Turner was old enough to speak we knew he had a special empathetic trait.  He would say things like "don't cry" while rubbing the back of a crying baby, or a "pretending to be sad while playing"me.   He would immediately ask, with a concerned voice and sympathetic eyes, "are you ok?" if we tripped over a rug, or a stubbed or toe, or any other clumsy move that, yes, happens a lot in my house.   Turner would always, always ask, "how are you feeling?" if anyone he knew was sick, or has an ailment they had complained of recently.  His concern was always sincere, and right on target.  
So, the other day, when I learned he played "protector"  I was not surprised, though I was very, very proud.

Turner has been best buddies with Jagger since they were little babies.   Perhaps the friendship was forced upon him, as many are, but their affection for each other is real.  And, mutual.  The bond the boys shared has always been touching to me.  Chase and Ryder, though they had tons of friends at a young age, did not have a friendship like this because they had each other.  Jagger is the other half for Turner.

When he started school last year Turner and Jagger added a 3rd boy, Bram, to their posse making for an absolutely adorable trio of buddies.    But, as most 3 year old boys, they have their moments.  Moments of frustration because they can't communicate.  Moments of rough-housing, because that is what boys do.  Moments of aggression, because even though they don't realize it yet, they are fueled by testosterone like all other makes.

Turner, Jagger, and Bram caught stealing the lollipop right from the pantry!  

They make look quiet and innocent (if not messy) but together they are an adorable trio of trouble

The other day at school there was one of those moments.   A beloved train became the catalyst of some rough play between Jagger and Bram.  Ultimately, it led to Jagger's finger being clamped on by Bram's teeth.   I was not there for any of this but imagine that Jagger shed a few tears over that one.  The situation was handled by the teachers and the boys were separated.

Later when Bram's mom insisted he apologize to Jagger and go give him a hug, Bram obliged.  He walked over to where Jagger was, which was ultimately next to Turner.   His intentions were good and sweet, but Turner was not so sure.  He jumped in front of Jagger with his arms extended and said "I will protect you, Jagger!"  A moment that stopped everyone in their tracks.

I would like to say I taught him that.  I would like to take some sort of credit.  But I can't and I won't.  That was all Turner, protecting his friend, being that empathetic and caring boy that, well, he is.

When we talked about it later, I told him how proud I was.  That, in a way, he was a hero.   He smiled with delight that I was proud.  He doesn't know what a hero is, exactly, but he told me he was happy to help Jagger.  That's just what friends do!

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