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Monday, January 16, 2012

Welcome Home!

All good things must end.

And, many times, all good things begin again.

Today, a little over ten years after its inception, Associated Staffing is closing its doors. It is not dead, just re-emerging within the walls of another space.  Associated Staffing is bringing its successes, its experience, and its open Job Req's back to where it all began. Judge.

The Judge Group.  It is so very natural to say.  It is, not only, where Todd began his career, learned his recruiting skills, and became the professional that he is, it is where Todd and I began.   Almost 15 years ago. Secretly and, what we thought was discreetly, we sneaked kisses in the elevator then feigned friendship in front of friends and co-workers. I still smile from those memories.

Judge.  It was always a positive in his life. In my life.  In our life.   A place where you worked hard, you played hard, and in our case, you loved hard!

Todd began there as a driven young man, worked hard, and succeeded.  After 7 years there was change.  The market changed, the environment changed, Todd changed.  So, he offered up his most firm handshake, a direct look in the boss's eye, and his word of good faith, and left it all behind.

He began again on his own. As his own boss, Todd found success and freedom, and the roller coaster ride of sole propeitorship. It was wonderful and it was prosperous but, as a decade passed, things changed.  The market changed, the environment changed, Todd changed.  Feeling the loss of camaraderie and craving the ability to teach others his strengths, he was left at a crossroads:  grow his business, or join forces with a bigger beast.

Judge offered him all of the opportunities he was looking for. And, more.  The opportunity to work with other champions in the industry, an opportunity to return to the city, an opportunity to build a team and be a mentor, and an opportunity for growth for many, many years to come.  Judge offered him an opportunity to come home!

Today is his first day. Other than an email saying it was "awesome" I have no idea what Todd's experience will be.  But, for me, its a new beginning after a full circle.  It is comforting to know that, Judge being as they are, Todd will be taken care of, like family.  It won't all be the same, in fact it is mostly different, but, still, when you go home after so much time the trees may be bigger, and the neighbors may have changed, and it isn't exactly how you left it, but it is, still, home!

Good Luck, Todd

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