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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Turner - 2 1/2 years old!

I want to dedicate this post to Turner. My third born son who, by fault of birth order, is constantly compared to his brothers.  Who, by chance, are twins.  It's a constant "oh, he looks like Chase."  "Oh, he can use his hands like Ryder."  "Wow, he is flirtatious like Chase". "I see he is imaginative like Ryder!". "He looks exactly like Chase.  But, with Ryder's coloring."  This goes on all day.

Even I am guilty.  Perhaps, the most guilty.

Yes, all of the above are true and yes, I have said that Turner grays the line between his brothers' black and white.  But, Turner is Turner all on his own. He need not be compared to anyone to be recognized as the wonder that he is.  

He is, as I call him, my angel for so many reasons. 

Turner is gorgeous. (Biased?  Probably!)   He has thick curls and deep grey eyes that are filled with soul and with joy. He has a one dimpled smile that lights up a room, a universe even, and has anyone who knows him begging to receive one (which is almost always granted!)  His presence in a room is felt like a warmth of a sun ray.
Turner has a personality that is silly, and fun and yet, amazingly sweet and kind and sensitive.  He can throw his head back and laugh out loud to the craziest of things but will rub your back and whisper "don't cry" at the first sign of sadness. He can talk non-stop FOR HOURS and also be charmingly shy around the ladies offering only a batting of the lashes and glance at the dimple. This coy nature is not deemed stand-offish, but rather engaging and winsome, tempting the recipient to pick him up and hug him.  And, he would hug you right back.

Turner seems to know everything there is to know and is keenly aware of what goes on around him. He doesn't miss a beat,  not ever, keeping his less than sharp mother constantly on her toes. He hears every sound and recognizes visual changes and will ask me, "what's that noise?"  "what happened to that picture?"  "why is that a different color?"  In fact, he feels the need to tell you everything he knows and notices.   Everything.  This is why he talks all day long. If a thought is in his head, it is just as quickly shared with anyone that will listen.
He says most things matter-of-factly, pointing out the seemingly obvious until you remember he is two and, suddenly, these facts become enormous pieces of information stored in a little brain that are constantly being regurgitated.

Turner can be counted on to eat a full meal, laugh at my jokes, rub my back if needed, and to curl up on my shoulder when he is tired.  He will tell us he loves us and ask to hold our hands yet has the guts and the strength to bop his brothers in the chest when they think it is fun to try and strong arm him.

Turner is a good boy, a rule follower.  Not so much so where he treads with caution and is scared to push his limits, but just enough so that if you tell him NOT to run through a parking lot, or touch a hot stove, or get out of bed, he won't.  He isn't afraid to disobey, it is more like he knows these certain things will ruin a good time.  And, Turner is all about a good time.

He will initiate a dance party, or spin in circles until he is dizzy, then get up and do it again.  He will repeat a joke or an act that got a laugh, endlessly, as long as his audience continues to laugh.  He loves to sing and does so often and I am inclined to think he may have a musical gene within him.

He shows an enormous amount of maturity for a boy who is 2 1/2 and if it weren't for his diapers I would think I had lost my baby forever.  But, then, he will tantrum.  He will kick his feet and bring on the tears over not getting a smoothie, or an episode of Mickey, and secretly, I welcome it because it is so rare that he let on that he is, still, just a baby.  He still loves his Baybay and other than an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (or the occasional Barney) he has no interest in sitting in front of a television.   He loves books.

Turner is now the age Chase and Ryder were when he was born and this fact sends my mind into a bit of fit as I realize that babyhood is on its way out.

So, yes it is true that Turner is the baby brother.  Yes, it is true he is the singleton to brothers who are twins.  Yes, it will always be that way.  But, I have no worries, I have no doubts that Turner will always be able to forge his own way, his own being.  He will have similarities to each of his brothers.  And, differences too.  But, no matter what Turner will be Turner and after a while he won't be compared to anyone,  Because he defines himself.

Turner, my angel, I love you so.  Happy 2 1/2!

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