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Monday, November 21, 2011

School Pictures

School Pictures usually prove to be....interesting.   Chase and Ryder's first school picture, though decent, had Chase looking like he had a jew-fro and Ryder's hair seemed to get a bit mussed along the way.   A catastrophe by way of his 5 year old standards.

In 2009, I liked it at the time, apparently, but looking back am not sure why I liked Ryder's picture.  Chase, however, did pretty well.

In 2010, their pictures were fantastic. Head shots.  And, for a reason I can't explain, I never posted them to this blog.   DUH!  I will get them and scan them because they were the keepers.

So, here we are in 2011.   This was Turner's first year with a school picture and Chase and Ryder's first year with school pictures through Council Rock.   On Richboro Elementary School's picture day Chase was sick and missed it so he is now not in his Kindergarten picture.  Awesome.  And, Ryder, who dressed to the 9's (as usual) in suit and tie, and did his hair with a hardened gel look did not take his very best picture.

So, with that being said I was looking forward to "retakes" at Ohev.  Turner, as influenced by Ryder, let me put gel in his hair and spike up the front.  Ryder gelled his hair to his idea of perfection AND dosed out the pommade for the whole class.  Chase wouldn't let me comb his hair at all because "I AM NOT LIKE RYDER, I DON'T WANT GEL" and was being rather difficult but still bared his best smile.
Here are the photos from this year's shoot:

Just for purposes of record Keeping:
KE 2011
Miss Stephanie Roth, Mrs. Kari Spivack
Jonah Hattingh, Eric Jaffee, Andrew Zazoff, Aaron
Drew Freeman, Chloe Connors, Eli Segal, Riana Dion, Micah Mercado, Ellie Betesh
Chase Tovsky, Drew Borden, Oren Fuchs, Ryder Tovsky, 

The 2's
Eileen Kaufman, Jordana Shapiro, Sophia Adelman, Kathryn
Ethan Pachman, Haley Genovesi, Dalia Hattingh, Bram Kose
Manny Sigman, Jagger Fink, Turner Tovsky, Addison

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