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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween is highly anticipated every year.   Around November 5th Ryder starts thinking about what costume he wants to wear next year.  This year costumes were chosen, officially, about 3 weeks out.
Chase chose Bumblebee the transformer, which was a surprising choice.   Turner's Smurf costume was chosen by me when he didn't have an opinion.  Because he knows I love the Smurfs, and because he saw the movie, he was perfectly happy dressing as the cute little blue guy.  Ryder chose Michael Jackson.  He has a new obsession with the King of Pop and his costume had to be altered and corrected before he would wear it.   My mom had to take apart and resew the glove so it would fit him, and the cheesy pull-over coat was less than perfect for Ryder because he really wanted the REAL jacket, THAT  ZIPS.  I told him I wanted the real one too, back when MJ wore it.

Halloween included a week in advance pumpkin picking, a snowtober day of carving,  a party at The Little Gym, a (lame) Halloween Parade at the elementary school, and a night full of trick or treating with our neighbors.   Everyone had a blast.

Ryder busting out the moves!


Our pumpkins: Phineas (without the Ferb,)  A "don't confuse me for Pooh" Mickey, and Jayden the red Power Ranger Samurai's fire symbol.  All chosen by the boys themseles.

The best part of the night...laying out the candy.
Until next year:

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