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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

School Pictures 2009!


Here are the boys school pictures.  They look pretty good, if I must say so myself.  Both are smiling and happy, both are well dressed and free of paint or food stains.  Ryder's hair, too freshly cut which was my own fault, resembles a bit of a dutch boy, but  I suppose it is better than Chase's faux afro of last year.  I am amazed at how much more mature they look from last year and am grateful for these photos for chronicling such things even if not every one is a framer!!  The class picture is cute, capturing all of these three year olds in one shot.  Just for the record, since I am sure I never wrote it on the picture itself the children are, from Left to Right: Micah Mercado, Ryder, Oren Fuchs, Eli Segal, Chase, Ryan Gregory.  Second Row: Olivia Catalina, Maddox Kraft, Chloe Connors, Ellie Betesh, Rianna Dion, and Andrew Zazoff.  Teachers: Miss Beth and Miss Robin

Also for the record, I should point out that in addition to Ellie, the boys have a "thing" for Olivia, particularly Chase, and yes, I do believe it is mutual (isn't she cute???!!!), Andrew and Eli are who they say they play with the most often, and Maddox and the boys have had several play dates.

Years from now, when the boys are remembering their pre-school days, they will look at these pictures, remember their friends.  Who knows, perhaps they will still be friends with many of them.

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