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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I am a biased mom and I think my sons are gorgeous.  All of them.  I think they each offer something different to the eye and to the camera.  Although we are constantly complimented on each of the boys, Ryder, however, has always been the pretty boy.  The one that people notice, if they have to choose one.    Lately, with his desire for perfect clothes and perfect hair, he may be in the fast lane to Hollywood. 

But, then, he comes home with THIS school picture.   His hair is gelled, he is wearing a shirt, a tie, and a vest.  The combination could be awesome, or well....the opposite of that.   In this case, when you add the goofiest smile you can come up with you get....the class dork!  I never thought that would be his title but if you look at the Kindergarten picture it is possible that this is the consensus.  

We will be grateful he has another chance when he takes the enrichment picture at Ohev.   We will show this picture to his girlfriends, at his bar mitzvah, when he is crowned prom king, or just at his wedding.  But, for now, we will just laugh about it.   

Ryder had no opinion that he spoke of regarding this photo:

Chase missed picture day due to an illness.  He did not seem upset about it and I suppose being:  NOT PICTURED HERE is a slight promotion from class dork?

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