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Friday, September 3, 2010

A Letter to My Son on his 19th Month Birthday!

Dear Turner,

19 months!  Happy day to you!  We are now closer to two than to one and I am not sure how you went from a squishy newborn to  an "I think I am four" toddler.  You are my angel, as I call you, because your face, your smile, your laugh, you, bring an instant joy to me.  At 19 months you are starting to work your way off my hip and out into the world exploring everything worth exploring and touching even things that should not be touched.  You walk with determination and can run to keep up with your brothers.  You are a happy boy with a warming smile and a giggle that echoes.  You have been welcomed into the world of boyhood because it seems nothing makes you laugh harder than the sound of a fart.  Your own sends you into absolute hysterics but your brother's are totally acceptable as well.  Although you are trying very hard to talk, and yes we are hearing improvements every day, most of what you say is still a mix of sounds.  You've added cuck (meaning duck) and suess (meaning juice) and ca (cup) to your list of words.  When you talk you look me straight in the eye very seriously, your little eyes pulled together begging me to understand what you are saying.  That eye contact is something I hope you maintain long after your words are crystal clear.  You are a trash man. You love to put things in the trash, and more often than not, thankfully, it is actually trash. I will change your diaper and you will look at me with pointed vision and say and "sash, sash" then pick up that diaper and dispose of it properly. You will clear the table of napkins and wrappers or juice boxes saying "sash, sash, sash" all along. 
You love Barney.  Just when I thought I could say good-bye to the purple dinosaur forever you have brought him back into our home with a sheer enjoyment.  "Ba, Ba, Ba" you beg then squeal with delight once he comes on the screen.  Now you will sit and watch the show and demand that "I sit, I sit" next you on the couch.  Once again I am sitting through too many episodes of Barney being totally irritated by the kids on that show.  And, once again, I am, pathetically, singing  the tunes in my head.  I've accepted it.  Again.
You seem to understand just about everything we say and can and do follow small commands.  You wave good-bye to your brothers each morning and smile as they leave the car.  You greet them with that same smile when we pick them up.
You are still not much of an eater, your diet is pancakes, noodles, pretzels, and the occasional snuck in piece of chopped broccoli.  You favor juice to milk and want big boy cups and straws over a "baby's" sippy cup.
You can say "baby" very clearly and will point to each that we see, all day long.   You answer every question with an "idonknow" and an out-turn of the hands. Knowing the answer is irrelevant.  You love the book "Hippo's go Berserk" but skip to "5 hippos come over-dressed" where they are holding a birthday cake.  You point and say "happybirdday" then skip along further to the beserk page and point out the cake again.  Then you skip to the next page and point to the hippo on the roof, "be careful" I say and you laugh.  Then you point to the moon.  Then you skip ahead, again, to the bus and roll your hands over each other until we break into song..."the wheels on the bus go round and round."  This is how we read the book every time.  I am not sure that is how Susan Boynton intended it.
We read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?" in a similar fashion with me just telling you the animal name and color before turning the page.  You have been starting to say cck (duck) and bear.  At the goldfish page I alwasy suck in my cheeks and make a fishy face, you laugh and stick your finger in my mouth.  You say ceacher, for teacher, and touch your fingers together to sign "friend" when we get to the children page.  At the end, you point to all the animals and recite them.  Soon, I hope we switch roles in that game.
You are a good boy with a lot of personality and a happy demeanor.  You make me so happy every single day and not a moment passes that I don't marvel at your beauty and your charm and your wonderfulness.  I am not sure how I got so lucky, but I am so very grateful.

I love you Turner!

Due to a camera needing repair we don't have a lot of pictures from early August, but this is one of my summer favorites.

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