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Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Feel Your Pain!

I know I have said it, I feel your pain.  Someone complaining of needing root canal, or a back-ache, or thirty mounds of laundry, yep, I feel their pain.  Been there.

Yesterday, Chase, was struggling with his seat belt.  This was causing him much distress despite my telling him to sit tight and I would fix it for him when we stopped.  He mumbled something.  When I asked him to repeat it he said, "I feel Ms. Liz's pain."  I repeated it, laughing, knowing that Chase is a literal boy remembering, verbatim, everything that is ever said to him.  He continued, "Yes, and she feels mine."

This is following up to a conversation earlier in the week that went like this:

CMT:  "Mommy, I got in trouble today"   (ALREADY! I thought being only the second day of school)
ME: "What happened, buddy, why did you get in trouble?"
CMT: "I was talking when it wasn't my turn."  (OF COURSE!!  Due to Chase's gift of gab this will be the repeating theme on all report cards!)
ME: "Well, whose turn was it?"
CMT: "Oren's"
ME:  "Well, Chase, you cerainly have a lot to say, but you should wait until your friends are done speaking, raise your hand, then take your turn."
CMT: "Yes, that is what Ms. Liz said."
MOM: "Did you get in trouble?  What did she say?"
CMT: "She said, 'Chase, sweetheart, it's not your turn, it is Oren's.'"

I laughed at the actual statement, at picturing wonderful Ms. Liz saying that, and at the fact that Chase should get very used to hearing that exact statement.

This will be an interesting year of literal translations and verbatim quoting.

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