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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Breakfast of Champions? Maybe. Lunch of Superheroes? Defintely!

This was the lunch I made for the boys this morning.

Last year, I made them cool lunch shapes using cookie cutters.  That went fine for a while until I got the creative bug and decided that I could cut, freehand, with a knife, Spider-man, Bat-Man, and more.  I decided amidst sandwich making that baseballs needed stitches, hats needed the Phillies emblem, and that a Spidey sandwich needed the webbing.  I started making cut lines with the tip of the knife, and toothpicks dipped in jelly, but neither were effective. 
In my head I invented food coloring pens.  Yes, that was just what I needed.  It turns out, they exist.  So, I bought them and now, I can't help but make the tedious lunch making task even more tedious, or fun, or tedious depending on how you look at it. 
Admittedly, I am a little too excited about the pens.  The ideas are endless with what I could do with them. 
So, this morning, it was Superman PB&J.  Chase was thrilled.  Ryder, the super hero obsessed, artist in bloom, was happy to see such a design but was not happy that the yellow looked so orange because, "Mommy, Superman's S is blue, and yellow, and red.  NOT ORANGE!"  Dude, I wanted to say, it is yellow, on brown bread.  Get over it.  Instead I explained myself by showing him both the pen I used (which was yellow) and the picture I copied.  He said, "the picture is right, the sandwich is orange."  I offered the sandwich to Turner.  Only then did Ryder decide it was OK to keep.  Later, he told me he loved it. 

And, he loves Superman.

Oh yeah, and he loves me:)

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