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Sunday, September 19, 2010

First Day of Pre-K!


Chase and Ryder started school this week.  After four (LONG) weeks between the end of camp and the start of summer it was clear that all of us were ready for "back to school!" 

The start of Pre-K was anticipated with much excitement because Pre-K means UPSTAIRS, with the big kids.  A whole level above the toddlers and the infants, even the pre-schoolers.  This is a move in their pre-school world comparable to going to middle school.  I guess.  So, they were excited.  I was oscillating between being excited for them and being heart broken that my baby boys were growing up.  But, shh....don't tell.   
They were excited to see their friends, I didn't tell them that most of their friends from last year were not in their class.

On Monday, Chase and Ryder officially became "Elephants" with Ms. Liz and Ms. Nadine.  They are happy, they made new friends, they see their old friends every day and their teachers wonderful and loving. We are all excited for the year to come.

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