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Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Letter to my Son on his 20th Month Birthday!

Dear Turner,

Summer is over. And, as all Summers end, the beginning of this school year is quite hectic.   We are coming off a two week vacation and headed right into the Jewish holidays.  Not quite unpacked, still not cleaned up, you gracefully became another month older.  Happy Birthday little buddy.
I find myself, perhaps in spite of myself, telling people, when they ask how old you are, that you are almost 2.  I don't do this to rush time, but because it's true.  Sort of.  Almost.  And, because when I look at you, you don't seem very much like a baby.  Most of the time.
This month we got your hair cut, and as each curl fell like a feather to the floor you grew, you matured, you became a big boy. I wish there was a way that I  could put your infancy inside an envelope, just like we did with a curl.  Save it forever.  Look at it when we want to.  But, we can't.  So instead, I  embrace, or I try to, the boy you are becoming.

You are a laugher, so silly most of the time. You want to be with and do whatever your brothers are doing.  You can run, climb, jump all without fear. You can eat a lot but never want to take the time to sit.  You're a great sleeper, still, and continue to be a trooper, laid back and flexible to schedules.  You are adding more words to your vocabulary everyday.  Many words are the same and it is important that we know context if we want to understand you.  "Ba Ba" is blankie, and Barney. "Ca Ca" is cookie, and Cake, and Aunt Carri.  "Mya Mya" is milk, and though you ask for it you do not always want it, but can also be more, though more is often accompanied by the tapping of the closed hands, the ASL sign for more.  You have other words, too, and I understand what you are saying most of the time.  OK, some of the time.
The last two weeks of your 19th month were spent on vacation.  We spent  a few days in the Poconos, where we had a great time and visited Boulder Field, which was amazing, even if I had to climb the rocks with you on my hip.  Then we spent ten days at the shore where we went to the beach, spent time with friends, went to the Ocean City water park, and the rides, visited with Lucy, had ice cream, and stayed up late. We also had the rare opportunity to check out the beach during a hurricane.  As hurricane Earl made its way off the coast we went to the beach to check out the waves. Active and rolling, more than I have ever seen, you and your brothers ran around enjoying the beach at dusk, getting messy and wet and hardly noticing the awesome waves.  It was a true vacation and you had a lot of fun.

After that we celebrated Rosh Hashana with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  And, you got to meet your baby cousin Lillian, who was greeted by your favorite thing to say, "baby!"
We are beginning our fall activities which should introduce a bit more structure into your day.  I am excited to be a part of the wonderful things we will do this fall.
Turner, you are a good boy, a happy boy.  You offer smiles to everyone you see and they can't help but notice.  You are so sweet, and so loving, and oh so adorable, and not for one minute do I take for granted how very lucky I am that you call me mommy.

I love you!!!

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