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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Two Lines!!

This post was written on May 22nd, 2008!

Something shocking, something incredible, has happened today. We saw two lines!!!
We saw two lines on a test that is 2.5 years expired. That was all we had and the wondering was eating me up. So, we used it. And, we saw two lines.

My period was late. This is often a tell tale sign of a pregnancy, but I did not see it that way. For one, my cycle was not yet totally regular so I could only be late if I knew when exactly to expect my period. I had nothing more than a ballpark figure. Also, it did not seem likely that after my first experience of baby making, that it could happen without even really trying. Sure, it happens all the time, but not to me. And, I do not feel pregnant, I feel totally normal. Whatever normal is. Not more tired, nor hungry, nor thirsty, nor nauseous, just normal. Lastly, I just started weight watchers, two days ago. Finally after 22 months I decided to get the baby weight off, ironically, just to put it on. So, with all of these reasons I did not see a late period as evidence of much. I decided that if I did not get my period by Memorial Day, seven weeks after my last period, I would take a test. Only I could not wait. Despite my doubts something was telling me to test now!! The wondering was keeping me up at night. The wondering of if it could really happen that fast, that easy, that unexpectedly? So, we tested it. We took a test, an expired test from samples I was given, and as it turns out there were two lines. Holy Shit!! I think I am pregnant. Happy as can be, I am completely shocked. It does not yet seem real, nor possible, so I must just take a moment.

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