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Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's true!!

This post was written on 5/23/08!

So I insisted Todd buy a new test. Yes, I made him go to the drug store and buy a pregnancy test that was NOT expired. I know, you are thinking what he was saying, an expired test would give a false negative before an unlikely false positive, but still, I needed verification. I had never purchased a pregnancy test before, I guess I still haven't. He brought me home a clearblue easy test, it does not get pee on the stick and after a few moments it says either Pregnant or Not Pregnant, I could not deny this:

So, its true, though its still surreal. I find these smiles randomly appearing on my face, out of nowhere. Todd will look at me and immediately he knows what I am thinking, HOLY SHIT WE ARE PREGNANT!! Then, we look at our boys and grin with delight...another one to love. I have always wanted a third, I am beyond thrilled, yet I am still a bit shocked.

I did call the doc and set up an appoinment. Maybe then it will be a bit more real?! #3, I love you already.

PS: As I had expected, Todd is utterly excited and already anticipating his newest baby.

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