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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Its still true!

This post was written on May 24, 2008!

It is still true!! At least as far as I know, as I hope. Life is still a blurry mix of a very happy reality and an elated surreality.
Minute to minute, as I go through the day with Chase and Ryder trying to anticipate their shenanigans, there is no time for me to think about the fact that I am pregnant. In fact as I am running around the playground or being used as a jungle gym it is actually quite easy to forget. But, then I will have a rare, quiet moment to myself and it will dawn on me. Holy cow I am pregnant!! I figure if I say it enough times eventually it will sink in.
I remember going through this when I was pregnant with the boys, thinking it could not be. Truth is there is no evidence. As mentioned I feel completely normal, I am looking for symptoms and still can't come up with any. With Chase and Ryder I had the comfort of weekly office visits verifying that despite my lack of symptoms I was indeed growing two babies. This time I have not even seen a doctor yet. So much for doing things the old fashioned way!

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