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Friday, July 11, 2008

Ten Weeks!

This post was written on 6/26/08

Ten weeks yesterday, I sit and wait for my OB. My appt. Was at 2pm and it is currently 3:15. Since I was ten minutes late, I will say my wait time is just over an hour. Thankfully, modern technology allows this lengthy wait time to serve as blogging time.
Somehow, despite my Pocono binging, I did not gain any weight in the last two weeks. Do you think it matters that I took my flip flops off this time and not last? Really, what could they weigh? Anyway, since I had actually lost two pounds last appt my total remains at negative two pounds. I will relish in that for as long as I can, because soon enough the numbers will creep to some unsightly total.
I am hoping to hear a heartbeat today. Dr. Kramer already warned me that it may be too early. He said between 10 and 13 weeks and since I am just 10 it may be too soon. He also told me not to panic if I do not hear it, ha ha ha. Really everyone, Todd, Jill, my parents, me, just want to go public with the news and I am making everyone wait until I hear the heartbeat.
Sure, I would like to tell the world, but the truth is the secret is not bursting from me like it was with the boys. I think partly because it is just starting to sink in, partly because most hours of the day I forget and partly because I like having this moment with my growing baby to myself, and to the family and closest friends that know. Things are different the second go round. I know how quickly it all goes, how fast I will go from ten weeks pregnant to having a two year old and just want to savor each moment of my last pregnancy. Soon enough the world will know our good news for now its just ours.
So here's the info for ten weeks. I am down two pounds, am a bit tired but only if I stop to think about it. Twice this week I sat at the computer when the boys were napping and both times I ended up napping. I have no food aversions or cravings, though I do enjoy decaf mocha frappuccino's and nectarines, though not at the same time. I do not think I am showing at all, though two people (Aunt Barb and Leila) have asked me if I am expecting and I am pretty sure my waist left me without saying goodbye. I am a bit constipated and my legs are bruised from all of the shots, but neither is worth complaining about. All in all I feel good and know that I am amongst the lucky ones when it comes to being pregnant!

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