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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fireworks Explosion!

We celebrated the 4th of July almost like we had many times before. By the beach, with Dave and Beth by our side. Despite the obvious changes, three and a half kids, mommies who can't drink, and daddies who can still drink but also tend to their kids, we had a great time. This Independence day included our late night hang out from the usual suspects and although I have not yet ventured out I am certain this July 5th will involve the same clean up as many 7/5's in the past.
This, however, was one of the first 4th of July's in a while where weather and circumstance did not prevent us from seeing a fireworks display.
We kept the kids up late, and at 8:30 headed down to the beach; 4 adults, three beach chairs, 2 strollers (a double and a single), 1 beach blanket, a few travel drinks, and a camera. We were ready. The kids were ready. One test firework in the air and excitedly both of my kids asked for more. I remained optimistic. Ryder houdinied his way out of his seat and ran about the beach, joyfully. Chase stayed glued, cautious. The show began and this story goes two ways; Ryder looked up in amazement enthralled by the colors and the sounds. He clapped at intervals and cheered and screamed in delight. He rolled around in the sand, stood on his head as he likes to, and then returned to his feet for more applause. It was seemingly one of the best times he has had since birth. I didn't see his reaction to the finale, but legend has it that he was stunned with amazement. His jaw dropped, his eyes big, and the words I like it were being uttered. What a thrill to see your kid so happy. This is exactly how I would have expected Ryder to act.
Meanwhile, Chase's story, different but no less animated, goes something like this: The fireworks began and at the same instant he began with a cry and a plea for mommy to hold him. I could not get him unbuckled and out of the stroller fast enough before he erupted into full tears. As I picked him up, he burried his face into the nook of my neck and shoulder and did not move again for an hour. He held me so tightly I wondered where he stores all that strength and he cried the whole time uttering the words No Like It! He asked me to cover his ears, too loud mommy, and since one was in my shoulder I put my finger in his semi-exposed ear. I rocked him and did a calming ssshhh in his ear, neither of which calmed him, and after I realized he was not giving up on this cry I started to walk home. Of course, walking home did not help, it was just as loud, he was just as upset, but I did not know what to do. The walk home, 25 pounds wrapped around me and no freedom to readjust my hold, was grueling and difficult, but you do what you have to do. Once home we sat on the porch, I rubbed his back, and felt him slowly calm as the fireworks had ended. Eventually, he pulled up his head, his eyes needed to readjust to the light, and he looked at me and grinned, as if there was no problem at all. He said goodnight to everyone, we went to his room, we put on pajamas and read stories like any other night and he was so happy. He looked at Todd and I, flashed his dimples and said "try again!". We asked him "try seeing the fireworks again?" And he said sweetly, "yes, try again!". We laughed and told him next time we will definitely try again. He went right to sleep without a whimper. I guess all is well that ends well.

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