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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sequential Screen

I am waiting in the hallway, aka waiting room, of the antenatal unit at Holy Redeemer Hospital for my sequential screen. This is a test, newer than my pregnancy with the boys, that is an early screening for Downs Syndrome, and other neural defects. Assuming all will be ok, I am excited to see little zygie via ultrasound.
This pregnancy is going smoothly. I have no complaints about how I feel. I am a little tired, but would be anyway, and do find it to be a struggle to carry the boys, one or both, up the steps.
I still do not have any real aversions to food but just prefer to keep things simple, comfort foods that I do not have to cook. I love peaches and sugar. The other day I bought an industrial size box of nerds. They were delicious. I managed to eat myself nauseous before the box was finished, thankfully, so I can indulge another time.
Now that I am public people are kindly asking me how I feel which means I am not as easily able to forget that I have my third child growing inside of me. Although I have gained three pounds and feel a bit fat, I am not really showing much beyond my residual twin baby belly. My belly has always been my weak spot, carrying twins did not help, so people have suspected a pregnancy long before there was one. Now, at least the belly is legit....(Hours later)
So, the ultrasound is over and everything looks perfect. I forgot how fun it is to see your little one swimming inside of you. I forgot how weird it is to see arms and legs flailing and yet not feel a thing. Zygie looked just like Chase and Ryder looked at this age, part alien, part human, all beautiful.
13 weeks tomorrow and counting.

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You are similar to the expert)))