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Friday, January 18, 2008

So this is what 18 months is like......

It has been a week and a half since the boys turned 18 months and though we made no mention of the half birthday, other than their monthly birthday letter, it seems they are aware they have met this milestone and are refusing to disappoint. Verbally, there have been advancements from both boys in the last few days. Chase repeats everything you say, sometimes he picks out one word of the sentence and sometimes it is two or three. He is also adding larger words to his vocabulary (medicine.) Ryder is actually beginning to use words, bye-bye being his particular favorite. At times you wonder if he really just wants you to leave!!
Though they started dancing earlier, now it is with such enthusiasm and delight. Whenever they hear music of any kind they start their shoulders going. Ryder swings his arms up and down and flashes a grin and Chase rolls his shoulders. Freeze dance is part of our day and they put their arms out, vogue style, when they freeze. Chase loves to say "freeze" and "go."
We have learned to do Ring around the Rosie, and we are working on the Hokey Pokey. If Ryder hears music, whether it is the jingle of a telephone ringing or actual music he breaks out the moves.
They have decided that the MY GYM Hello song is their new favorite and they begin clapping their hands as an indicator that they want me to sing it. I am wondering if and when they will notice how off-key I sing.
They can respond to small commands, they can take direction, and as any good toddler should, they can disobey commands just as well. They have become particular with their eating, finding that throwing food is more enjoyable than eating it, prefer snacking to meals and have learned to help themselves to what is in the pantry. They are determined when they want something and also when they don't, and they are learning to voice their opinions, such as "I do not want water" which they make clear with a simple throw of the cup across the room. Their mischief is peaking, their agility is increasing, their personalities are blossoming. Chase is becoming more of a comedian every day and Ryder continues to be a thinker, a cuddler, and a total monkey all bottled up into one little boy. Mischievous and mysterious one moment, and giggly and silly the next. Not a day goes by that he does not end up bruised or scratched in some way. He remains to be fearless despite these minor bumps.
18 Months and counting......

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