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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Weighing In

The 18 Month Well appointment was yesterday, two weeks after the boys' 18 month birthday. It seems both boys are doing great, meeting all of the necessary milestones, and are typical toddlers. This even includes their favorite sport- throwing food across the kitchen. Despite reveling in their improving arms, this most frustrating activity often leads to skipped meals. But, they did gain weight. Ryder weighed in at 21 pounds 12 ounces, a gain of exactly 14 ounces in three months. Chase weighed 21 pounds at 15 months, and three months later gained a pound and a half and now weighs 22 pounds 8 ounces.
I know the system for measuring length is far from accurate but it took two measurements to learn Chase did not grow at all. This seems unlikely. The first measurement had him shrinking....also unlikely. The doctor has decided they probably mis-measured last time. How scientific! Either way, Chase is 32 inches long, which is only 1/4 inch longer than Ryder, who grew from 31 to 31 3/4 inch in the same three months.
Chase's head did grow a half inch, which may account for his significant (ha ha) weight gain (18 1/2 inches) and Ryder's head measures in at 18 inches (from 17 3/4)
The boys did well with the examination, they seem to like the doctor. Ryder particularly enjoyed sitting on the scale and watching it level.
They continue, as they have for the last 18 months, to fall into the 10th (Chase) and 5th (Ryder) percentiles for weight, and almost the 50th (Chase) and the 25th (Ryder) percentiles in height. No longer tall and skinny, we are heading down to short and skinny. Despite their percentiles, I still can't find pants that fit in the waist and in the legs simultaneously.

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