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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Family Update

The following is an email that was sent on 12/26 to my extended family updating everyone on our lives:

Hi Everyone,

I have been meaning to write our family update for several days now. This is the first opportunity that I have been able to steal. We have been busy this holiday season. We celebrated Hanukkah, in addition to the 8 nights, with 5 separate parties, the last one concluding just 12 days after the holiday. Not too bad, since the Bermans are celebrating it on Jan. 1, we are actually ahead of the game. Unfortunately, we are not attending that event which means our holiday has officially ended.
The Tovsky's have been busy. Todd just completed his sixth year as Associated Staffing and his 13th year as a Recruiter. He hired a new employee this year and work has been keeping him busy. I just completed my first full calendar year as a busy stay-at-home mom to energetic twin boys, and as a result it is impossible to update you on my life alone. Chase and Ryder are active. They turn 18 months in two weeks and they are every bit their age. Chase is talking very well and has learned more words than I could possibly list. He uses a lot of them in context and others not so much. When in doubt he just says cookie! Ryder has climbed everything in our home and other homes. He has climbed out of his crib and on top of tables. Nothing is too high, too scary, too dangerous. We resolved the crib problem with a tent, but the tables are still fair game. We keep busy with activities and playgroups and are looking into preschools for them to begin in the Fall.
Todd and I do find time to take to ourselves thanks to loyal and loving grandparents on both sides, but our favorite time is still family time. We took the boys on their first flight this summer and it is not something I would recommend to parents of 13 month old twins (at the time!) We also took them on their first road trip, which was a much greater success. We are awaiting warmer weather to resume our walks through Tyler Park and detours through playgrounds in the surrounding area.
We are disappointed to be missing the festivities on 1/1 but hope to have another family reunion, sooner rather than later.

We wish all of you a wonderful New Year and hope to see each of you in the near future.

Love, Wendy, Todd, Chase and Ryder

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