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Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year!

Family Picture on New Years Eve!

Who you calling trouble?

Sophia and Chase

We rang in the New Year in Margate!! We spent a somewhat relaxing 5 days by the beach. On New Years Eve we were invited to the beautiful, brand new home of our friends Brett and Sue. Sue, the chef that she is, spoiled us with fabulous eats. The company of JB and Lisa and the Great Holtzie made it that much more enjoyable. Somehow, our kids made it to 10:30 without a breakdown. They had a blast climbing the flights of steps, longer and steeper than they are used to. Ryder went nuts for the NILES system Brett has in his home and all the buttons made him hyper. Luckily, they were t0o high for him to reach. The boys both enjoyed Welch's champagne and it wasn't until about half way through the night that Ryder ended up it with all over his white shirt. Chloe and Sophia were both as sweet as can be,and Sophia was the perfect babysitter! JB and Lisa's little girl, Zoe, was also adorable, and overall it was a really fun night.
We made it home and had the kids in bed with some time to spare before we watched the ball drop with Dick Clarke and Ryan Seacrest. And, so it began 2008. No resolutions have been made, as I tend to not keep them anyway. Sure, I could vow to (again) lose this excess baby weight, but since 18 months later I am not sure you can call it baby weight, I will just leave it off the list. We have began this year by getting things in order, particularly our finances. We hope for ourselves, and wish for everyone else, a wonderful and happy new year.

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Ma Pierce said...

Catching up on blog entries. OMG - Chase's curls are to die for - although I supposed they're gone now. Sounds like you all are doing well. We miss you. R