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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A letter to my sons on their 18th Month Birthday!

Dear Chase and Ryder,

One and a half years old. What happened to my baby boys? Occasionally I see signs of the infants you once were, but mostly you are these toddlers who light up my world.
This age is certainly challenging, as most toddlers are. Most recently, Chase, you dumped a box of cornmeal on the floor and both of you played in it as if you were on the beach. Things like that do not stress me out so much, as that is exactly what kids should be doing. It is when you are running in opposite directions in a parking lot, after I ask you to hold my hand, that really gets to me. We are managing however. We are all figuring it out.
At 18 months Ryder you have began teething again. You have four teeth, in addition to your two year molars, left to get and they must be working their way in. Chase you still have 5 teeth. It is actually amusing to see your more than half empty mouth. Your weigh in is not scheduled for another week, but it seems you have both gotten taller, as shirts and pants are all getting shorter.
Ryder, you continue to be adventurous and daring. You still climb on everything, only this month that included out of the crib. We now have your crib tented to keep you safe. You actually seem to love the tent and are often zipping yourself in. You are never discouraged when you fall on your head, which I must admit is kind of often. Chase, your language skills continue to increase. We are beginning to have mini conversations with you, though I am not always sure the information you are telling me is accurate. Ryder, you know how to ask nicely for things, though your please is often in sign language. It is cute the way you give a little smile and bat your eyes when you do the please motion. You have added a word to your vocabulary, "tar" which is actually guitar. You carry the one Uncle Mat gave you all over the house and love strumming it. You do ask me to play too, which is funny, since I have no clue. But, you do not know that:)
You are both going through a phase of not eating quite as well as you once did. Some meals are fantastic, some meals are less than so, but you do not let yourself go hungry. Lately, you have been sitting back in your booster seats for meals, which has been helpful.
We began music class again today. I am still on the fence as to whether we will enroll in the full session. The last session, Ryder, you did not seem to enjoy it to its fullest, spending most of the time sneaking out of the classroom. I am hoping, now that you have fallen in love with the guitar and have recently learned to dance, that you will enjoy it a bit more this session. Chase, you always like music class and I imagine you will again.
The holiday season was a fun time for all. We spent Christmas Day hosting a brunch which included 16 kids. You both had a good time. We then spent 5 relaxing days in Margate and rang in the New Year at Brett and Sue Pinto's home in Margate. You both partied until after 10:30pm and a good time was had by all. All that time off, however, led to a lack of routine making it quite difficult to get back into the swing of things.
Ryder, you are fixated on the buckles on your booster seat. Once we take you out of your seat you then re-buckle both yours and your brother's seat. You are always very proud of yourself and often applaud after you hear the snap. You love it when we applaud with you. You still go nuts for buttons, remotes, televisions, phones and computers, or as you call them "FWA." You are extremely independent, play well by yourself, and are very laid back. You are determined and persevere and do not give up quickly when you concentrate. You have also learned how to open closed doors and are quite nimble with the door knob. The fact that you are about an inch shorter than Chase has not served as a disadvantage since he still can't do it. It is becoming more and more difficult to keep you in one room.
Chase your verbal skills continue to amaze us, you love to be tickled and your personality is extremely extroverted. You are bit more aggressive and are often the one to bully your brother. You want your way and are still learning a lesson in sharing and waiting your turn. You always know when you have poopie and never fail to tell us and you love taking showers. You love Elmo, Cookie, Ernie and Oscar, and will get excited to watch Sesame Street, though you usually only sit for a few minutes. You love to be tickled and belly laugh when it happens, it is just adorable. Ryder you are not quite as ticklish as your brother, but when we hit the spot your laugh echoes. Your voices are so sweet, Chase's is a bit more high pitched than Ryders, and like your cries or your moans, we can tell who's voice belongs to who.
Ryder, you have this thing you do when you say Pop-Pop or whisper it. We are not sure why, but you do it every time and it makes us laugh. It is the only words, so far, that you whisper. You both recognize all family members when you see them and will point them individually in pictures. You both love the playground and are extremely agile and quick. Chase you are a bit more tenative at the playground and it seems you may be a bit scared of heights, though it never stops you. Ryder, you do not seem to be scared of much at all.
You seem to understand most of what we tell you and generally you are pretty well behaved. Although it is Ryder who needs to be climbing the walls, it is actually Chase who tests us a bit more. When you are given a time out in the corner, you will go stand there yourself. Although I count to 10 out loud you never stay there for that long.
Chase, you had an ear infection this month and you were perfectly yourself through it all. It was kind of random that we found out you had it, we would never had known. You loved taking your antibiotic.
Chase you are also very concerned about Ryder. You ask for him, say his name, and make sure he has what he needs, at all times.
Ryder you are starting to develop a bit of your brother's flirt as you are starting to wave hello and goodbye a bit more, and love to blow kisses. You will play peek-a-boo any opportunity you get. Chase, you love to hide. You will hide in closets, behind furniture, in corners. You are amazingly patient until someone finds you.
We went for your second hair cut and you seemed to love it. Neither one of you whined, cried, or even got upset. In fact, Chase, you asked for more when the girl was done cutting.
It is amazing how much can grow and change in one short month. You are exhausting and delightful and it seems to be that you are a pleasure for most to be around. No doubt, it is a pleasure for me and I cherish my time with you. Despite some difficult days I am well aware how quickly you will grow.

Your smiles are warming, your laughs are contagious, and you are my precious boys.

I love you so.


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