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Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Singer I am!

For as long as I can remember, the musically talented people closest to me have told me, incessently, that I can't sing. Actually, they have told me I am the planet's worst singer, that I am hurting their ears, that I am scarily tone deaf. I never took this offensively, frankly, I knew they were right. In the genetic make-up of musical talent I was given absolutely none. But, boy do I love it. I am convinced I was singer in another life---Janis Joplin, per say---and I used up all the talent my soul was allowed. I still love to sing, and Todd is often offended when I ruin the calm of a car ride by busting out lyrics. I did, eventually, start to get a complex which prevented me from singing in public. This held true for even Happy Birthday.
Then one day, I became a mommy. When you are raising an infant, no matter how many, life is in melody. You say hi, good morning, i love you, all to a tune. You sing as you change the dirtiest of diapers and you sing as you play with your new life's love. Nursery Rhymes are one way to go, but I prefer to make up my own songs. I have authored a number including: "Eskimo Kisses," "Monkey's" and "Good Morning" and have put my own style on a number of well known songs. I love to sing to my boys all day long, and for the first time in my life, there are two people in this world that actually enjoy my singing. It brings smiles to their faces and they coo in delight. I do not need a larger audience, I do not need a crowd, I may never be Janis Joplin again. And, none of that matters- I am thrilled to be a singer for my boys, and they are all the audience I need.

Too bad Todd has to witness it all too often!

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The Pierce Posse said...

I've been wondering to myself: is tone deafness contagious? If I sing off-key too often to my son, will he always be hitting the wrong notes when he tries to sing "the Itsy Bitsy Spider?"