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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tooth Fairy

I had noticed that Ryder looked different. Older.  Something in his face had changed.   Other people were noticing, too.  But we couldn't quite pinpoint what it was.  Then, his tooth fell out.  And, I realized he was just growing up.

It wasn't out of nowhere.  It had been loose for a while.  Much longer than I had expected, actually.  But, as we pulled into the library parking lot yesterday, there it was. Tooth in his hand, blood on his shirt.   He was happy that it didn't hurt.

That night the tooth fairy gave him $5, which was disappointing since he asked for a Power Rangers toy.  He also got money from his grandparents making it a $10 tooth.  He is saving it for said toy.

When he noticed his tooth was loose, months before

The tooth

The letter to the Tooth Fairy!

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