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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Big Boy Bed

Around the time Turner turned 2 he started asking for a bed.  Like his brothers.   On many nights he would beg his way out of his crib and would sleep, happily, in the guest room bed.  

I was in no hurry to get him out of his crib, nor out of his diapers, but I thought a little motivation would be a good thing.  So, I told him that when he started using the potty he could have a bed.   This shut him up for a while since he had no interest in the potty, at all.  Except  maybe to stand at one, which I think had more to do with his interest in his penis than in the potty itself.

On August 1st Todd began working from home again.  Which means our guest room became his office and the bed....was moved to Turner's room.  No big ceremony.  No potty peeing.  No hyped up excitement.   He just went to bed in a crib on July 31st.  And on August 1st he went to bed in a queen-sized bed.  He wasn't upset about it but didn't seem overly excited, either, about giving up his crib.   He did great on the first night, and every night since.

My original plan was to paint his room and give him the bed as a surprise when he was trained.   So, now, we tell him when he is trained he can have his room painted.   This is actually exciting to him.

Here is what his big boy bed looks like:

6 weeks later he sleeps well, he naps well, and he has learned that a bed that big for a boy his size is perfect for jumping on!!!

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