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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Potty Training....Again!

I am in no real hurry for Turner to potty train.   This is probably a continued attempt at holding on to his babyhood with a death grip, but I convince myself it is because it is easier.  And, it is.

About six months ago Turner showed an interest in underwear.  And, in standing at the potty.  He showed absolutely no interest at in in actually peeing it.  Since then, there has been nothing.   Until the other day.

We went out for our traditional birthday dinner show to celebrate Todd's last year in his 30's.  I took Chase to the bathroom and, as usual, Turner insisted on coming.  Once there, he told me to change his diaper.   I had sent Todd to the car to get me a diaper and the one he gave me was resting on top of the toilet paper cannister because at that moment Turner decided he wanted to sit on the potty.  I knew it would be a useless cause but....I layered the seat with too thin toilet paper and set his toosh down.  He sat there for a few seconds,  then said "Mommy, this just isn't working out!"

His phrasing had me laughing so hard that, as you'd figure, the only diaper we had fell into the toilet.


Turner wanted me to fish it out, which I did as to not clog the toilet, but then threw it away, of course.

Turner is a good boy, he follows instructions and doesn't want to cause too much trouble.   Most of the time.  I got down to his level, I  looked in his eyes and said, "Turner, you're going to have to go without a diaper until we get home.  Try not to pee in your jeans.  If you have to go pee-pee, just tell mommy, and I will take you to the bathroom!"

These instructions seemed so simple and easy and then it dawned on me I was talking to an untrained 2 year old.

"Ok, Mommy!"  Was all he said.

We returned to the table where he told his brothers and his daddy, with a laugh, how mommy dropped his diaper in the toilet.   We were at the restaurant another 30 minutes and had 3 return trips to the potty.  We had exactly ZERO pees in the potty and the same number in his pants.  That was a win for me.

When we returned to the car I found another diaper.  I put it on Turner and we headed home.  He peed in his diaper and announced it, then he apologized for not peeing in the potty.  Curiously, I looked at him and thought, perhaps we are on to something.

When we got home he went directly to the potty, sat, and peed.  He was so excited he showed all of us, gave us each hugs, and chewed happily on his m&m's.   A part of me thought we were done.  He was trained.

It is 5 days later.  Turner is using the potty with an increased consistency and seems to have good control of his bladder.  Sometimes he wants to pee in his diaper, sometimes in the potty, and it seems he is working up to a level of comfort for himself that will make him give up the diapers all together.  He still gets excited each and every time and does not want to wear underwear at all.  He seems to be scared, or uninterested, or both, to have an accident of any kind.  Turner is the type of kid that when he decides to wear the underwear he will be ready.  No caution to the wind in that boy.

Although I am not really in any rush, it would kind of be nice to NOT have to buy another case of diapers when I run out of these last 44.

Keep you posted.

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