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Saturday, April 23, 2011


Look who insisted on standing at the potty.  He insisted his brothers come look.  He insisted I take the picture.  He even held his penis pointed, appropriately, in the toilet.  But, that was all.  He walked away. He did not even try to pee.

Two days later he took his diaper off in his crib.  When I asked him why he said he did not want to wear it, he wanted underpants.  I obliged.  But, only after he sat on the potty.  He did, but he did not pee.  He did ask for a sticker for trying, though.  He wore underwear, refused a diaper, and refused even more to actually use the toilet.  While in the underwear I asked, "Turner, where do you make your sis!"  "In the potty!" He shouted.  I smiled.   "Do you make sis in your underwear, Turner?"  "No!  In the shower!!!"  Not sure where he got that, but I will take it over the underwear.

Two pairs of underwear later he gave in and let Ryder put a diaper on him!

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