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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Let me Tell you Sumpin.....I Love you!

Turner was over 16 months old when he started talking.  Even then it was an inconsistent scattering of words that left us guessing what he was saying.  Despite thinking he would be an early talker after his miraculous first word at 9 months, by 14 months we knew we were quite mistaken.  According to my yard stick, which the measurements were previously set by his brothers, Turner was a late talker.  Surprisingly, he was not too far behind his peers.  By the time he was 2, it was hard to realize he had just started talking as he spoke, A LOT, always looking you right in the eye.  Now, not even two and a half, he speaks perfectly clear.  Well, almost  He talks often and loudly and it is easy to forget that he communicated with grunts and points for longer than tolerable.
But, despite his mature vocabulary, he has a few mispronunciations that in addition to reminding me he still wears diaper, are just so adorable.

For one, he pronounces the "J" sound as "G".
We frequent the Gim!  Mom-Mom's are Gill and Goan.  His best buddy is Gagher.  Oren's daddy is Geff.  And, my personal favorite, Delaney and Madden's daddy is Uncle Gay.  I don't correct him.  Is that wrong?

I love these mis-sayings.

He says Sumpin, not something
He calls a yogurt smoothie, one of his favorite things to drink, something I am unable to even write down.

And, no matter how much I told him, no matter how many times a day he heard the words I love you, he would never repeat them.  Not ever.  I got upset about it, all too often.  Again using the unfair measuring stick of Chase and Ryder, who said I love you at 21 months, I was a little bothered.  I wasn't concerned that he couldn't say it, I just wanted to hear it.  Are there really any better words to hear from your kid?

Turner does things at his own pace.  He doesn't like feeling pressured to do anything so I backed off for a bit.  Then one day, he said it.  I am not exactly sure of when.  I am not quite sure it matters because now when I say "Turner, I love you!"  He follows up with an "I love you, too!"

Turner, I love you!!

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