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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Say Aaaah!

Our boys always like going to the doctor. I am not sure why but I sure am not complaining. I remember being a teenager knowing full well I had a shot coming to my ass so I locked my doctor out. Lucky for me my doctor is a bit of a clown, but all the laughing down was drop my guard enough for him to quickly inject my toosh with a 3 inch needle.
My kids don't have this problem. They do well for the pediatrician offering up their arms of steel for any shots necessary. They have allowed my dad to check out their eyes. And, for a reason no one can understand, a trip to the dentist is fist-pump worthy. Chase and Ryder have been like this since their first appointment when they were two. Now, they are experienced in the dental exam arena. They love the video games, the old-school decor (which they do not know is old school) and the fact that Dr. Maser is Ellie's Saba. I can't, and don't, go back for the exam with them and its just as well because they don't want me there.
After, they come running out all shiny white toothed smiles and giggles flaunting their new toothbrush and dental floss. The last time I saw them that happy was when I served brussel sprouts for dinner.
Today was Turner's first appointment. And, though I'd like to say he begged for me to hold him and cried like the baby he is supposed to be, really it was as equally pleasurable experience as his rounds of vaccines, his first haircut, his first day of school, even his bris. Turner continues to be the happy child, able and willing to do whatever is asked of him especially if his brothers are doing it too.
We practiced a bit, in the waiting room, while Chase and Ryder got x-rays done (which ultimately confirmed what we probably already knew.....they will both need braces!).
"Turner, what will you do for Dr. Maser?"
He'd look at me smile and say, open mouthed, "Aaaaaaahhhhh!".
He probably didn't need practice because he was perfect for Dr. Maser. 3 for 3. If he didn't know me personally he would think I was doing something right with these boys;).
I am thinking about using dentist visits as bribes for good behavior.

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