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Monday, May 30, 2011

Castles in the Sand!

Every castle wants to house a Princess. Particularly, they dream of being home to a lonely princess protected by a fire-breathing dragon. Only to have her rescued by the Prince of all Charming. What castle wouldn't dream of that?

I have built a thousand castles today.  None with such a fairy tale future. I've Dumped bucket full of packed sand after bucket full of packed sand. Building an entire fortress? Not a chance. It seems it is every two year olds rite of passage to stomp on said castle even before the bucket has fully cleared. And so, I've packed the sand, banged on the bucket, flattened the land, flipped the bucket, tapped tapped tapped, and lifted only for the castle's inevitable fate of Turner's stomp!

Either this, or he crushes the bucket mounds castles of his brothers, much to their dismay.  Turner did seem to get a kick out of that, but the referee in me had enough of the screaming!

No princesses here, definitely no dragons (though this story does have a trifecta of charming prince's) just a castle in the sand destined to be crushed!!!

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