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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Letter to my Son on his 17th Month Birthday!

Dear Turner,

Happy 17th month birthday! It doesn't matter if you have raised toddlers before, it seems that you forget what toddlerhood actually means until you are in the midst of raising another one. You, my dear son, are everything a toddler should be, and all the adorableness and exhaustion that comes along with it. Bowls must be dumped, juice boxes must be squirted, and buttons must be pushed! In our house, lights are on and off like a disco club and the TV's is turned off at every climactic moment of any given show. You have to touch everything that comes in your contact and, like Ryder, you seem to have a fascination for lids and can spend some time attempting to screw one on. You've taken on the eating habits of a choosy toddler and eat randomly and in spurts. You rarely sit for a meal and, instead, take a bite, run around, come back for a bite, and so on. You prefer noodles, soft pretzels, and pizza. You are your daddy's boy!
You've begun talking, to a degree. Included in your list of words are: Ball, Balloon, Bubble, Ba-Ba, which I believe is how you ask for Barney.   Though he makes you smile you have yet to sit through a show.  You say outside, and down, and just started saying cracker and sishy, which is fishy, meaning the goldfish snack.  You say, of course, NO, perfectly clear and to everything, even if you mea n yes.  You still say "Ry-yer" for Ryder and have begun, occasionally, saying "Sayse," as in the Spanish number six,  for Chase.  You say mommy, dadddy, mom-mom, pop-pop and can sign for "more" and for "milk," though you don't always want milk.  You squeeze your hand like you are wringing an udder and say "ma ma ma" with determination.  You can also say, "bye-bye," which is most often sung, as in "bye-bye bubbles, until next time" just like we learned at the Little Gym!  We often hear thank you, and down, and cracker. Everyday you add more words, soon we will be having conversations.
You are very active, you do not sit still, and everything must be touched.  Everything.  You get a kick out of putting something that does not belong into your mouth just to hear me say no.  You laugh,  Out loud. It's cute, even if it is a choking hazard.
You've learned to run and to climb with ease. You are fearless. You love the pool and dive right in, all too literally.  Your sense of humor seems to be developing and you love to laugh and make us laugh.  You can laugh out loud, with absolute hysterics, or just smile and chuckle sweetly. Either way,  I want to laugh along with you!
We've been going to the beach and you absolutely love it.  Unlike your brothers, you do not eat sand by the handful, but you do enjoy being covered head to toe in it. Perfect for diaper changing.
Your curls are getting curlier, and blonder in the summer sun.  Your eyes are stormy.  Your smile is dimpled and bright and lights up the world. My world.

I know that time is passing quickly.  Today you are 17 months, tomorrow you are 4.  That's what it feels like.  You and I spend so much time together.  Even though it is often running errands or doing something, you should know I love the one on one time I have you with you.  You should know how you make errand running more fun.  You should know how you make a moment sweeter, a day brighter, a life better.  You should know how much I love you so.!!

All of my love,

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