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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Boot Camp!

I just did something crazy.  CRAZY!  Markedly, nuts!  No, of course, this isn't my first time having a crazy moment.  I know it won't be my last.  Sometimes I flirt with insanity, so in the grand scheme, perhaps this is nothing.  But still, I just had a crazy moment and enrolled myself in Action Boot Camp!  Don't think it sounds so nuts?  Just Wait, there's more.   This Boot Camp, which has nothing to do with wearing fun and fashionable boots and has little to do with the camp that I remember going to as a kid, is three times a week!  3 TIMES?  I don't remember the last time I did anything three times in a week?  Laundry?  Definitely, not (though I should!)  I am not even sure I always get to take a shower three times in a week.  And, wait, here's the kicker.  Boot Camp begins at 6am.  6 am - 7 am three times a week!!! For 6 weeks!!

Like I said, CRAZY.

I am sure there are people out there who A. Function at that hour of the morning on a daily basis (and perhaps even some who have had a few hours in their day by that time) and B. Think exercise is as good of a reason as any to rise with the roosters.   But, I am not one of those people.   Not even close.  6am is what we call UNACCEPTABLE in our house and even 7am is borderline.  And, though there was a time in my life when exercise was a big part of my day (though never before PM hours), that was a long time ago.  Before Facebook, and texting, and Phillies Dynasty talk.  Back when my closet did not have jeans hanging in every size from 2-10.

I would say that this was a momentary lapse of reason.  But, the truth is, I actually pondered this decision for several days just to be sure that my craziness would last for, at least, the six weeks of the "camp!"  I couldn't talk myself out of it, though I did try.  Somehow, this seems like a good idea (CRAZY)!  When else can I do something for myself that won't completely affect my whole family.   I don't need babysitting at that hour, I don't need Todd to skip work, I don't need him to drive them to school.  I just need Todd to be home, which, because he is a relatively normal human being, he'll be home and sleeping.  
I figure it's only 6 weeks.  6 Weeks sounds long when I think about the grueling hour at the crack of dawn that I will have to try to get through three times a week, but really 6 weeks passes much faster than I can actually keep up with.  So does ten years!

Why this sudden urge to exercise, to lose precious hours of sleep?  I am not sure.  I've been down the path twice before, heading back to the gym, trying to turn muffin top into....something other than that.
Both times the thrill ended 6 or 8 weeks into the routine, mostly from a scheduling conflict.  It may sound hard to believe but when your entire day, week, life revolves around three little people conflicts become quite the norm.  You learn to expect them.  

Lately, I have been loosely following the new Weight Watchers plus program.  Unexpectedly and much faster than  I anticipated, I am below my pre-pregnancy weight.  From Chase and Ryder.   Nearly 5 years it took.  Although it is a nice mental treat to know, to see, a number lower than I have seen in years, a look in the mirror reminds me without a doubt that my body was definitely taken over by other beings.  The cozy place they each called home has a photogenic muscle memory.  Should I want more kids (I don't, for now my CRAZY ends with boot camp enrollment) it would have a perfect place to nestle and grow without restriction.  So, I figured, now that I lost the weight that was reluctant to leave me for all so long, perhaps I should try to morph it into a bit of shape.  A bit.  Or if not, let's not pretend I am so young anymore, and a little cardiac activity on a weekly basis may be good for me.  Blood flow, heart rate, stamina.  Yes, these are important elements in good health.  Or, so I am told.

I am motivated.  Maybe it's the birthday vacation Todd surprised me with.  Perhaps, it is the way I look in the few pictures a year that I am actually in.   It could be that I, only half- jokingly, refer to myself as the fat friend in my group of strangely skinny moms.  It could be that the bigger jeans are way too big and the smaller sizes can actually sneak up my hips.  But, it's not all vain.  Really.   Since I started eating better, I feel a lot better.  Maybe it is true, the old adage, you are what you eat.   And, since I still allow myself some things I choose not to live without (chocolate and wine, to name two), I enjoy them so much more, and don't feel crappy after consuming them.

I can't stop the daily chaos, the tiring afternoons, the draining instead I will combat it.  Combat it by adding energy (despite losing sleep) with good food and exercise and three hours to myself a week. Sounds good, right?  Mid-thirties, and there is something to be said for feeling good!

Check back here again over the next few weeks.  Maybe, if I am not too tired, or too sore, or too embarrassed from the reality check of how out of shape I actually am, there will be an update on what this boot camp is doing for me.

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