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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


In this day of text messaging, everything has an acronym EVRYTHNG!! When in doubt, just shorten the spelling. There really is no need for vowels, anyway. SaHM is what has become of the term, of the job, of the choice, Stay at home mom! Which is what I am! I say this as a matter of fact. I do not bring home a paycheck of any kind, instead my sole responsibility is to make sure my kids are alive and my house is standing at the end of every day. Of course, that sole responsibility has about 2 million little responsibilities under its umbrella and each day it is a relative surprise to which tasks will fall on the top of my daily to do list.
Most days I am stuck in the motions and unaware of what, if anything, has been accomplished.  All I know is that when I go to bed...the kids are alive (and happy) and the house is standing (even if messy!)
I don't know how working moms do it, because on top of the above very important responsibilities they also have a full-time job!  Hats off to them.

However, though considered a lucky choice, I would hardly categorize my life as luxurious, since I barely get a minute for myself in a week, let alone a day.  But, I am not complaining.  Really.

I just got over being sick.   Twice.  The first time was a horrible cold caught by making the mistake of entering a hospital.  The cold was so bad I could hardly see and I was pretty sure my head was about to explode.  But, I did not have an opportunity to rest.  Like I said, SaHM is hardly luxurious.  So, I went about my mothering duty (it just so happened to be yet another day off from school) with puffy eyes and a runny nose.  The second sickness attacked me, probably because I never rested off the cold, as a combination of strep throat and a virus, all at once.  This doomed me to my bed and Todd had to stay home.  I thank him for his 24 hour stint as Mr. Mom.

But, here's the thing about being sick.  Here is why it is impossible to stay in bed even if you have a fire in your throat, glands the size of hockey pucks, and hammers in your head.  Life goes on around you.
The laundry does not stop piling up (and piling and piling,) billing due dates don't get extensions, kids don't stop being hungry, nor making messes, nor dumping their toys.  Food shopping still needs to get done.  None of it stops and so, we put on our big girl bras and continue on with our day.

And, now I am reminded of what it is I accomplish in a day.  Even if it goes unnoticed by those I live with.  And, also, I have become ever so grateful for the good drugs!!

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