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Monday, February 21, 2011

Band of Brothers!

Boys in the 'hood!

When I want to get a picture of the boys, it is near impossible.   At least one will be difficult, another won't sit still long enough and I end up with, at best, an unblurry visual of one child.
Sometimes, we will be enjoying a moment and I will ask "Can, I take a picture of you guys?"   Their response, without thinking, is "no!"  So I skip it.

Saturday we went to the Academy of Natural Sciences to enjoy Paleo-Palooza=Enough Dinosaurs for three little boys to enjoy.  It was a mob scene, and a cold and windy day, so the line was no fun.  Luckily, Ali and Jared bailed us out again and got us in!!

When we left the boys were tired and hungry and wanting to go home.   I never expected a picture nor would have even asked for one.  But, as we walked to the car, and the wind was blocked out by the buildings and the sun was shining bright, Ryder stopped on some city steps and said, "mommy, can we get a picture here?"  My camera is broken, again!  But that is another story.  Luckily, Todd's phone takes great pictures.  Chase and Turner didn't hesitate to join in the snapshot.

"Ryder looks Bad-ass!"  "Reminds me of the Beastie Boys!"  "Boys in the 'hood!'  This is how people are describing this picture.  I love it though.  Mostly because it is a moment they wanted captured, and also because, in this, I see the personalities of my boys.   Boys, Best Friends, Brothers!!

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