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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Think I can Run Faster!

On a typical day I am dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. A hoodie, if necessary. I am comfortable and this uniform is perfect for my full-time job! I've gone through some different fashion phases including an overdosing of a plaid and paisley preppy phase and a freakish phase of fancy sweater with sweatpants.
I was never a real fashionista but manage to have a thing or two appropriate and fashionable in times of need; dinner out, wedding, party, shivah. Well, actually, usually for a shivah I am shit out of luck. I am not sure if I don't have the appropriate attire or if I have no idea what to actually wear to such mournful events.
But, still, more often than not, in jeans and a t-shirt is how you will find me dressed. Of course, the uniform needs shoes. And, similarly to my clothes, I have a random assortment for different situations.
But, mostly I wear sneakers.  Or Uggs.  Or flip flops, depending on the weather.

So, when I bought these new sneakers, which I love, my feet suddently felt lighter, quicker, like I could actually run faster.   But, as I made this comment to nobody in particular I laughed.  Not only because I know I am the slowest runner on the planet.  ON THE PLANET!  Not kidding.  But, because so many times Chase and Ryder have changed their clothes - into sweat pants, into different shoes- scattering their old clothes about and demanding "I need to wear this it makes me run faster!!"

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