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Friday, February 26, 2010


The boys do a lot of wonderful projects at school.  Unfortunately, most of them will never be seen beyond our eyes, but some things are worth documenting.  Like this:






This is an All About Me! book.  The boys made it in school last month.  The whole book cracks me up particularly Chase's desire to be a tie maker when he grows up.  Ryder, perhaps confusing himself with Chase, thinks he has black hair, and something about Chase's legs makes him very happy.  We just do not know what.  If I had to guess I would say his line of thinking had to do with running fast but we will never know.  Just in case you can't see the pictures above here is what it says after the initial hand and foot print:

Ryder's answers are in Red, Chase's are in Blue:


I am  (3) (3) years old

I have (brown) (black) hair

I weigh (32) (31) pounds

I am (38 1/2) (37 1/4) inches

My favorite food is (cantelope and apples) (apples)

when I grow up I want to be (a tie maker) (spiderman)

I feel happy when (my legs)  (I am playing with toys)

I feel sad when (Ellie came to my house to build blocks and she knocked them down a long time ago) (Chase pushes me over)



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