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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Shabbat rock star Ryder

Shabbat Star being silly

Ryder was the Shabbat Rock Star on February 5th,which happens to be Delaney's 6th birthday.  Six!  How did that happen?
He was supposed to be the Shabbat Star near Turner's birthday, a fact we had pointed out to him many times since Chase's Shabbat back in October, but that we week he got sick and we had to postpone his special day.  Although he was disappointed he handled it like a champ and just said "I want to be Shabbat rock star when I feel better!"
His rescheduled date came and he was very excited.  At one point, Ryder had asked me if he could wear his suit when he was Shabbat Star.  Though it would have been adorable, it seemed like a little much for pre-school.  Instead, I found him a cool sports jacket that he could wear with jeans.  Since Ryder thinks dressing up is almost as cool as Spiderman his eyes widened the minute he tried it on.
When he got dressed the morning of he looked in a full length mirror did a silly dance that reminded me of his "I've gotta pee dance" (wait, maybe it was?) and giddily shouted "I look so handsome!"
He requested munchkins as his snack and a surprising "The Backyardigans and the Beanstalk," a book I had no idea he liked so much, as his story.  Off to school we went.
As always, it was nice to be a part of their classroom for the small amount of time.  Ryder's favorite part was blowing out the Shabbat candles.  Chase seemed excited, and understanding, that it was his brother's day until he threw a bit of a fit when he thought he could not go on the Bimah with Ryder.  But, brothers will be brothers, and in the end these two brothers love each other so, and Ryder allowed Chase to come to the Bimah with him!  It wasn't until the end, when Ryder had to put his vegetable in the pot for the chicken soup song, that I decided to interject.  I calmly said, "Chase, it's Ryder's day,  You already had your special turn."   He agreed and I got a nod from their teacher so apparently I did the right thing. Ryder went back to the Bimah to deposit his veggie without a fight!

I love watching the boys getting excited about things and love watching them amongst their friends in school so I am very excited for next Shabbat, when they are actually Shabbat stars together!

 The star of the day

 the star and his mommy

the proud big brother

silly again

Daddy and his big boys

brothers sharing the responsibility

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