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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Letter to my Son on his 4 Month Birthday!

Dear Turner Luke,

Today you are four months old! No longer a newborn you show all of the signs of becoming a baby: you smile (often), you giggle, you roll, you sleep through the night, and you are getting so big. You've grown out of your first round of clothing and moved up to size 2 diapers. You are, indeed, no longer a newborn!
Your 4 month weigh in had you tipping the scales at 14.9 pounds, exactly three pounds more than you were just two months ago. You measured 25 inches (a two inch growth) and both your height and weight land you in the fiftieth percentile. Your head, which grew an inch and a half, is 16.5 inches and in the 45th percentile.

You are such a happy baby. Every morning you greet us with a smile which you carry with you all day long. You love it when you get just a bit of attention and tend to ham it up with a giggle and a grin. You are very ticklish, and tickling you allows us to hear your laugh, a joyous sound. You laugh so hard it becomes a cough!

You are such a little sweetie and pleasant and mellow most of the time. However, when you cry it can be ear-piercing, should we dare to hold off your feeding when you're ready!
You have begun rolling over, inconsistently. You have gone from belly to back and have been trying very hard to go back to belly. You lift your legs, and then your arms, but you have not been able to put it all together yet.
You are very strong and have great head control, but usually only enjoy tummy time for a short while.
Your hands have found your mouth and you can't get enough. You have also learned to zerbert your lips and have found delight in the vibration. You coo and hum and talk a lot! I love talking back to you with a huge grin on my face.

You are a my pleasure, my love! The time is passing quickly and sometimes I feel as though I am missing things. I continue to feel as though you've always been a part of us and deep down I know that is because it's true. You, and your brothers, are my pride and joy. Each moment, each day I love you you so!


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