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Friday, May 1, 2009

Running Waves

Todd and I rented a wave runner today! We have done this many times before, but it has been quite some time since our last rental. Back when we did it on every vacation I insisted on riding my own. This time I insisted on riding passenger while Todd throttled the PWC (personal water craft). This is the first indicator that, despite having no qualms with getting older, I am indeed getting old.
Out on the teal waters I felt like the tiny speck I am on this great big Earth. Serenity and beauty surrounded us, infinity only interrupted by the fishing boats and yachts that freckled the Gulf.
When I was younger I would day dream about living in a place where you hopped a wave runner to get to, say, a friends house. I loved riding them so much that that seemed like the life.
Riding one today I held onto to Todd's waist for dear life roller coastering between exhiliarated and scared, flip-flopping between wanting it to end soon and never wanting it to end at all.
The adrenaline I felt was a rushing high as my knuckles whitened in my life saving grip.
Crossing wake would give us air, a salty splash drenching our sun soaked faces, and as my ass bounced off the seat and back down I would laugh at how much fun it was and delight that I was still alive. When Todd slowed down I wanted him to go faster, when he sped up I wanted him to slow down. At the height of my fear I would think how unfair it would be to orphan my kids on such a joy ride, yet at the height of my fun I would think how unfair it would be to deprive my soul of this rush.
When we got out to the farthest point, looking out at the Gulf, we were quickly reminded how vast and deep and wonderful the ocean is, and we wondered if we could ride the 90 miles to Cuba. I found it fascinating that the island just rose from the water, and less than a mile away another much smaller island did the same thing. I was awed by the cruise ship, larger than I expected once I saw it up close, that cast a shadow on the island. It is unbelievable how complex the world's creations are, a feeling that overwhelms me when I am in the middle of the sea or 35,000 feet in the air.
When the ride was over, I sighed with relief and then thought..."When can we do it again?"

Cruise ships are rather large!

From 35,000 feet in the air

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