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Saturday, February 23, 2008


Before the cut

Short and tight around the ears

So, we took Chase for a haircut. The time had come. Despite loving his curls, they were too long, too out of shape, too much. So we took him back to the hair cuttery just 6 weeks after haircut #2. This time he had no interest in flirting with the beautician and was no not nearly as excited to get his hair cut. We told her to trim it and she chopped it...all of it....tight and short is the best way to describe it. At first, I admit, I was a bit disappointed. I found it too short and the way it fell on his head made him look, well dorky. But, almost two weeks have passed, it has grown a bit and we get to "Style" it our way and I like it a lot more. He looks a lot older, like his bar mitzvah is next week, and his face somehow looks different, longer, thinner?! But, he does look cute. He no longer has curls. Coincidentally, maybe, Chase has taken on a new habit of whining ever since this haircut and it does leave me to wonder if perhaps he misses them. But, I am sure in just a few weeks they will be back and we will see where this adventure of Chase's hair takes us.

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