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Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy 19th Month Birthday!

Dear Chase and Ryder,

So, this letter comes so late because we went two days without an internet connection. I am sure by the time you are old enough to understand what that means, connections will be much more difficult to lose. But, in this time, losing your internet connection is like losing a hand. Really.
Anyway, Happy 19 months! Another month that went so quickly I hardly had time to notice it passed. The most significant thing about 19 months as far as I am concerned.....HOLY COW you are almost two. Two? Ok, I will save that rant for your two year letter. Although I receive the "My Toddler this Week" update from babycenter every week, due to my current lack of free time, I rarely read them. Today, this is what it says, "
When you're out and about, your toddler's favorite pastime may be running away from you as fast as he can, squealing in delight as you rush to catch up. He's oblivious to danger, so you'll need to be extra watchful of cars, bicycles, and dogs if you take him for a walk outdoors. Keeping him strapped into a stroller is safest, of course, but that's not always where he wants to be. You'll probably have to compromise about how much time he spends on his own power, and build in extra time when running errands."
I find these words to be pretty true, but you have been getting the joy ride from running away from me as fast as you can for quite some time and we are working on improvements. You have actually learned to hold my hand while walking really well, and I have been quite proud of both of you. Don't worry, our walks through parking lots are not, as one or both of you still have the tendency to dart off. But, yes, improvements have been made. Today, I held Chase's hand, and Chase, you so sweetly reached for Ryder's, and the three of us walked into Ohev Shalom in that order. We actually made it all the way in.
You are both able to follow directions much better these days, but that does not mean you always want to!! Simple instructions, usually ordered with a please, are often followed. Most NO's however, are ignored!!
Chase, you continue to learn new words every day. The size of your vocabulary is impressive for your age, but your clarity in the words you speak is even more so. You say most words clearly, there is no question what you are saying and you will repeat any word we say. Ryder, you are starting to talk a bit more these days. Your words are a little less clear than your brothers, but you are newer to the world of words. You add an "I" sound to certain words, Moi for more of Cai for Car, but daddy and I are learning your language. You seem to be inherently polite, which is wonderful. Occasionally you have to be asked to ask nicely, but often you add please on your own. You also say Thank you, one of the clearest things you say, many times with out being reminded. Chase, you do say please, usually after a reminder, and with Thank you it is the cutest thing...instead of saying thank you when I ask you to, you just say your welcome. It is funny. Can't fault you, as it is not totally wrong.
Neither of you have gotten more teeth yet, despite the teething from Ryder and the many lacking for Chase.
Our class schedule has changed a bit from the past. We no longer take music class because you are escape artists who spent more time darting out of the classroom then sitting in the classroom. You still love music but that class is not for you right now. We now take Creative Parenting on Mondays. It is a good class with a lot of structure. We spend the first 5 minutes doing an art project, which is a bit over your skill level so I do most of it, but you are learning to sit and watch and be more involved as time goes on. Plus, you love to eat the glue. It is a good prep for pre-school so we enjoy it. Playgroup still happens on Tuesday's but it has been several weeks since all of us have been able to attend. Wednesday's we still take gym but we have graduated to the next level (Gymsters) and now have it at 9:30am. Thursdays are a free day, and we often times see Mom-Mom Joan. Although, it is also a day when I will try to make dates with people we do not get to see as much as we may like. Friday mornings we now spend at Tot Shabbat at Ohev Shalom. It is very similar to Mommy and me, only shabbat oriented. It is fun to get you acquainted with the prayers and the songs. You both love the challah and ask for it all week long. We now take one home with us every week.
Ryder, you really are an escape artist. You can open doors, unlock the locks. You open every door in our house, you can open doors in restaurants or in buildings. Very few are too heavy and we really must keep an eye on you.
Your eating habits are improving from where they were a month ago, but are still not quite where they used to be. Chase you remain to be the better eater, Ryder you are a bit more particular. You like it simple, french fries, hot dogs, turkey meatballs, pizza. Chase you will try a few more things but at any moment either of you can and will chuck everything across the kitchen. Your meal often ends at that point. You are able to sit at the table longer now, even if you are not eating, which is helpful. You love to ask for a pen and paper and will happily doodle. Unfortunately, doodling on the tray, the table, yourselves so we often need to take it away from you to prevent you from ingesting ink (or crayons) or from permanently tattooing yourselves. However, doodling is now amongst your favorite things to do, and I am personally happy about that. I love to doodle too!
You like to help me cook in the kitchen. In the mornings you help me beat the eggs or sometimes you will stir whatever is cooking,though you usually call it soup. We take turns, each of you get to stir and although i like to make both of you tasters, Chase usually prefers the job. You have watched me (as I teach) how to slice cucumbers and tomatoes. You do seem to pay attention and you love it. When we are cooking I have you smell the herbs or the garlic and you put your noses out and wave the flavors in with your fingers- its adorable. I love having you in the kitchen with me, but it is not always so easy.
You both have also found a new love for Barney. My feelings for this are yet to be determined. To be quite honest I find him annoying and the kids on the show are even more irritating. However, the show is very educational, it teaches manners and using imagination, and it is all incorporated with singing and dancing which you both love. You ask me everyday for Barney, a name you can both say clearly, and you dance and clap the minute the music starts. What's a mom to do? Along the lines of music you still love your guitar, particularly Ryder, and you both love the My Gym song which you will clap and sing HI hi hi to get me started. Daddy recently purchased a live DVD of Elton John's 60th birthday....Ryder you absolutely love it. You sit and just stare amazed at the music. It is interesting to watch and we wonder, will you be a rock star? Chase you are beginning to sing. You sing pieces of songs, The ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle, Happy Birthday. You are just filling in words or pieces right now but I imagine it won't be long before you sing a whole song.
I am amazed by how many days you are well-behaved boys. Boys you remain, so jumping, climbing, and running around is part of being well-behaved, but you're both mild mannered and generally not too whiny....thankfully.
You are friendly boys. Chase you say hi and goodbye to everything, people, toys, trucks. You both love to look for the boy across the street (Joey.) You know he lives there and are often looking for him. When mommy and daddy are leaving you say goodbye to us as well, no complaints.
You still like books, but after a page you say all done and hand me a new one. You love your legos but mostly just to dump them on the floor. You still like to play basketball, ride on your cars, and play with the learning home. You still love Elmo and Cookie and Big Bird but you do not want to sit and watch Sesame Street for more than a few minutes. You love your fish and want to see them every day and are still learning not to bang on the tank, put your hands in the water, and not to overfeed. You both have a fascination, I suppose as all boys should, with trucks and tractors and school buses. Airplanes and Helicopters are high on that list as well. In the My Gym parking lot there has been a lot of construction for months so you love to go there and see the tractors and the dirt. You look out the window all excited. You can point out a tractor anywhere, and you both say it clearly.
We enjoy watching the school bus coming and going with the elementary school kids. And standing on the window sill watching for the cars and neighbors is how we pass a lot of time.

Days pass quickly, as do weeks and months and not a moment passes that I am not so proud of everything you are, everything you are learning, and everything you are becoming. I hope you are proud of yourselves, as well. You continue to be silly boys with a comedy routine and a great sense of humor. The sound of your laughter is one I hold in my memory, it remains to be the greatest sound in the world. I love you beyond measure.


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