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Thursday, February 7, 2008


Wow!!! If you have ever been to Morimoto then you understand when I use only one word to describe the place...SEXY! Its glass door entryway, with thick, Zen-curved handles, greets you and the seduction begins. The bamboo walls and ceiling curve around you with a natural grace, and the voluptuous, sculptured carvings cause envy in their shape. In case you fail to notice, which is unlikely, the phallic light centering each table will surely grab your sexual appeal.

In the lofted bar area is where the night, and the intimacy, began. The dimly lit nook in the ceiling allows you to see the dining room through a curvy window. The seating is comfortable, yet upright and the energy flowing seems karmic. 
 I started with a Morimoto Martini, a junmai Morimoto sake and Smirnoff vodka garnished with Japanese cucumber slices. It was a fantastic drink that I would have stuck with all night if I hadn't tried the famous White Pear. This drink, deceptive in its alcohol content, was refreshing and delicious; a drink you would want on a summer's day; a drink you'd want your kids to taste. They did not specify the contents, and they should not, there is no way to duplicate the taste. We had not yet had a morsel of food and the night was already amongst our best evenings out. We had simply perused the menu and our taste buds were yearning for the flavors; the most difficult decision being what NOT to order.

We each chose an appetizer to share. I chose the Toro Tartare served with caviar and fresh wasabi. It melted in our mouths with each dollop and the fresh wasabi gave it the perfect burn. Each dollhouse-sized spoonful was an actual treat to the mouth. Todd's choice appetizer was the 10 hour Pork 'Kakuni" described as a braised pork belly with hot rice porridge. Deterred slightly by the term “pork belly” I chose wisely to try it and found a satisfaction in the first bite that I did not know existed in swine. We delighted in the short rib with a sweetened sauce balanced perfectly in porridge.  We delighted so that we did not want to leave one drop remaining. As we finished our appetizers we craved so much more and were grateful we still had several courses remaining. 

I tend to always order a salad, and though I enjoy it, it is rarely a memorable part of the meal. But, I suppose, I should have expected more from Morimoto. The Calamari Tempura Salad with mixed greens and white miso vinaigrette, which we shared, was split for us and, even still, the portion was large. The tempura was fried to a perfect temperature allowing the texture of the calamari to be perfectly savored. If you are one who has a taste for Asian cuisine, you understand that miso vinaigrette needs no further description. 

Our entrees were served to us after a hiatus that allowed us to regain our hunger and sip on more White Pears.  The Morimoto Surf and Turf: a Maine lobster decorated with daikon leaves and Kobe beef, marbled in different shades of red, were served with a side of Morimoto signature beer reduction.  The result was a delectable bite after bite after bite. The chewier texture of the lobster was offset by the tenderness of the beef. No matter which flavor was left in your mouth, you were left wanting more of both. I had ordered the Ishi Yaki Bop Buri, a rice dish prepared at the table in a hot river stone bowl served with King Yellowtail. The "rice dish" description misled me to believe, perhaps, I was ordering too simply for such a signature place, but one breath of the succulent flavors and I was keenly aware why Morimoto's name describes every dish. The rare yellowtail, seared minimally by the hot stone, was smooth and tasty and each morsel of rice had the perfect amount of flavor. I had not known when I ordered it that this dish was one of Morimoto's most famous. I now know why.  As we tried to salvage each remaining bite, wishing it did not have to end, we watched the other diners with their similar expressions. Faces of delight, lips shaping oohs and aahs, and we knew we were not alone in the enjoyment of these delicacies.

Of course we saved room for dessert, the highly recommended (from J-Jo, our server) Chocolate Pot de Crème. This melt in your mouth custard was accompanied by caramelized bananas and a sweet whipped cream that really ended a meal with the perfect balance of sweets.

I can still taste it all as I write this posting, wishing I had all of it all over again. Morimoto is not a place you can go every night, but it sure makes you wish that you could. The atmosphere, the food, the drinks, and the service all done to a perfection that very few restaurants are able to grasp. If you have a special occasion, or are simply celebrating life and food, head to Morimoto...but beware, it will leave you, undoubtedly, wanting MORE!!!

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