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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Toddler X2

I named this site Times Two for very obvious reasons. I have even written a posting with the same title many months ago (to read it click here.) There were moments, phases even, when having to multiply things by two was overwhelming, and times when it was not so bad. I could not have anticipated then that ToddlerhoodX2 would be the chaos, I mean fun, that it is.
I was warned often about the first six months of twinfancy. But, despite the warnings I found the first 6 months to be ok (click here to read the six month entry.) Amazingly, I was not warned about toddlerhood. I suppose it is better that way.
Both boys walk now, they also run, and they often do so in different directions. They are beginning to understand yet still not listen and they are starting to have opinions which are usually opposite of mine. They are developing personalities that, so far, seem to be very different from each other and every day they remind me that they are 100% boy!
I run around like crazy all day. I have tried going in both directions at once, but as I am finding that to be rather difficult, my new tactic is to stand in the middle and watch...the one in more danger usually wins.
But, it is not only danger that keeps me running around. Ryder is a bandit. He is into everything and prefers to press buttons, both figuratively and literally. The television, phones, remotes, stereo's, computers, light switches, door knobs, dishwasher, you name it, Ryder eyes it, then attacks all while flashing his devilish grin. It can be rather frustrating. Ryder does not necessarily play with toys, instead he looks at them, turns them over, tries to figure them out. Perhaps he is a budding engineer.
Chase is a charmer and a flirt, but he is at his best when he is by my side. If you put him in a room with other kids he becomes the shy one. He is a bit more reserved than his brother and tends to use a bit more caution. Of course, I am grateful for such caution when he is in the same room as Ryder. Ryder has no caution, he has no fear. He climbs as high as he can on anything he can and does so all with a giggle while I run to rescue him with my heart pounding, praying he does not fall. Sometimes he does, it never deters him.
With toddlerhood also comes tantrums and whining, two of my very least favorite things. Chase has a tendency to do both, more so than Ryder who is too busy at the top of a bookshelf. I have nothing to compare these tantrums to, though they seem to be seldom and mild, but still, it is too often. They have no concept of sharing and now fight over tug-o-wars are common, and often result in Chase whining.
Their energy level is mind blowing and merely exhausting but it comes with the territory of toddler boys, I suppose. I am not sure what is to come of 18 months but 15 months certainly has me jumping.
But toddlerhood also comes with the adorable attempts at talking and the obeying of small commands. They offer hugs and kisses now, sometimes when told to and sometimes on their own, all of which are the very best moments in a day. They are developing their sense of humor and will crack up in spurts and are very good at making mommy and daddy laugh. They will flash their smiles, or give high fives, or clap their hands in delight and quickly the tantrums are forgotten and the button pushing is forgiven. They learn something new everyday which leaves me amazed and they seem to continue to get cuter by the day:) Yes, toddlerhoodx2 offers the special moments in multiples of two just as well as the trouble making it that much more special of a time.

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