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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


So tomorrow we set forth on a three day weekend trip to Todd's Alma Matre. He is so very excited it is like we are taking the kids to Disneyland. For me, it is quiet time, time with Todd and the thrill of seeing him at a place he loves so dearly. I can't wait to sleep in, have a few drinks, walk the beautiful, hilly campus and look at the tree's autumn colors. With that being said, however, I am sad to leave my boys. I know I need to, and it is good for them and for me, but when you spend your days caring for your kids something is missing when you have a day or three off. I will be calling daily for reports, and since we are in the country, perhaps even more than once. I will likely look at the pictures on my camera. Yes indeed, I have become one of those moms who feels disconnected from her kids when on a mini-vacation. Sick, isn't it? I will report back when we return about the fun of our trip!!

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