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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sample This

When we dream about becoming parents we dream of the coos, the laughters, the dimples. We dream of the hugs and the kisses. Yes, we dream of a lot of things, and tend to turn a blind eye (in our dreams) to what comes along with the cute stuff. Feedings every few hours for the first months, not fun, but yes we expect it and deal with it. Dirty diapers, not fun, either, but it becomes second nature. What we can not ever expect nor prepare for, no experienced parent will warn you and if they did you would not listen, is the diarrhea explosion. I apologize for the graphic but when you enter your child's room first thing in the morning to find a crib splattered painted it is revolting. It was dealt with and may it be the first and last time!!!
After such a nightmare, we went to the doctor, just to make sure there was nothing more than obvious wrong, and I was told I needed to collect a Stool Sample. In my experiences up to now, the word sample meant great things. When I heard sample I was thinking of the diced varietals in the cheese section of whole foods, or better yet, the chocolate tastings at godiva. Yes, that is what a sample was until I was asked to take a stool sample from my son. I have not completed this homework assignment yet, I am waiting for his participation, but I can assure you this never would have made it onto my list of responsibilities when I became a mommy.
And, I thought being the recipient of their stomach virus was nasty! Oh, the things we do for our babies.

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Anonymous said...

Around the same time that you, as a parent, experienced your first explosion, I, as a teacher, did as well. Somehow I made it through all of last year with 12 toddlers without any major explosions. Sure, we had a few that came out of hte diaper and onto the child's body but none that made their way all over the room... until Friday. Friday we noticed a child covered in diarrhea all over her back and shorts and shirt. The worst part though... was finding a PUDDLE inside our wooden play kitchen. I take that back, the worst part was not knowing where else it may be that I had missed. Like you said, we dealt with it: washed LOTS of toys, sprayed a TON of disinfectant and hoped that he had gotten it all. The child cooperated nicely as she was cleaned up with about an entire pack of wipes when what she really needed was a bath! As for the stool sample, at least all you have to do is collect a diaper, it would be much worse if this required fishing in the toilet! Good luck! I hope to see you when I'm in Philly for Thanksgiving!

Sarah Rothstein