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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A letter to my sons on their 15th Month Birthday!

Dear Chase and Ryder,

Happy 15 months!! We spent the day at Ellie Betesh's birthday party. It was a carnival with a moon bounce, a ball pit, a balloon tent and an obstacle course. You both had so much fun and daddy and I went into all the rides with you. Your smiles brought smiles to our faces. Though it is early October, it is summer weather outside and we spent the weekend at the shore. Blessed with sunny, warm weather we went to the beach where you both ran around freely. It was fun since the beach was empty allowing you all the space you needed. Chase you actually went into the water. This was surprising because all summer long you were scared of the waves when they crashed on you. This weekend you found it fun. You sat right at the water's edge and let the waves crash right into you. Ryder you just ran all around, taking a few steps then falling. I think you had a hard time finding balance on the unmatted sand.

At 15 months you weigh in at 21 pounds (Chase) and 20 lbs. 14 oz (Ryder). Chase is one inch taller at 32 inches (31 for Ryder) and though you head sizes are 18 inches and 17 3/4 we are not sure if that is right, since they said your heads got smaller from last time. It is certainly not an exact science to measure a squirming baby.
This month has been a fun one. You challenge me daily. Now that you walk, it is often in opposite directions.
You are beginning to understand yet still not listen and you are starting to have opinions which are usually opposite of mine. You are developing personalities that, so far, seem to be very different from each other and every day you remind me that you are 100% boy!
Chase, you are a charmer and a flirt, but you are at your best when you are by my side. If you are put in a room with other kids you become the shy one, at least in the beginning. You are a bit more reserved than your brother. Ryder, you are independent and a daredevil. You climb, fall, cry, then get right back up and do it all over again. When I tell you NO, you get a look of thrill in your eye and a devilish smile and do it all over again.
Chase you continue to learn new words. We can add tickle, dirty, and airplane to your growing list. You love to ask for more, both by saying "mo" and signing the more sign. You love to spot airplanes in the sky (and in the books) and can hear them whenever they are above, even if you can't see them. Your favorite thing right now is Nursery Rhymes on ON DEMAND. You walk over with the remote control and hand it to me. If I put on anything else, you whine until I get it right. You will sit and watch and dance and clap.
Ryder, you enjoy the nursery rhymes as well, but still get a kick out of turning the television off mid-song. You too have mastered the word and sign More. It is the only word you actually use, although recently I have been hearing No's from you. You continue to absorb words but not use them. The other day you said chicken, which we were having for dinner, perfectly, clearly. But that was it, once and done. One day you will just ramble off sentences. You have recently begun pointing in the direction of the things you want, similarly to how Chase does it.
Chase you have begun with some minor tantrums and you have a tendency to whine. Daddy and I are trying to teach you that whiners don't get, but you have not yet begun to understand that concept. Once the whining is over, however, you flash your grin and how quickly I forgot about the previous tantrum. During these tantrums, Ryder you will just look over at your brother to make sure he is ok. Tonight, while Chase was crying, I rubbed his back and said "it's ok" then I told you to do it. You rubbed his back. It was so sweet. someday perhaps, you will do it on your own for your brother or your friend.
Ryder you are trying to run now. You run, sometimes fall, and then laugh. You seem to laugh at a lot of things. I will hear you across the room laughing to yourself. You are very independent and find enjoyment (and humor, apparently) at looking at the bottom of a toy, or playing with the remote or phone, or taking the batteries out of a toy. You are still a lovebug who gives the best hugs!!
Chase you seem to learn something new everyday. Just today you learned to HOOO like an owl. You recently started bringing me over specific books to read to you. Your favorite book is the First Words book. You love to point out the baby, the airplane, and most recently, the tractor. You love to hide whether under a crib or behind a chair.
Our activities continue. In music I spend a lot of time chasing you down the hallways as you escape the classroom. In gym, I stand in the middle and try to manage the level of danger from a spot equidistant to both of you. Most of the stuff there is safe, but Ryder you just want to mess with the stereo. It is your favorite thing. We started Mommy and Me but because of the jewish holidays we have only had one session so far. I am looking forward to starting it up again.
Last week we had a playdate with our neighbors. For two hours you played with Jacob Eubanks. He has a baby brother Brady who is 8 weeks old. Ryder you and Jake high fived, which was adorable. Maybe you will all become great friends.
We are working on transitioning you to one nap a day. Some days it works, some days you need both, some days you doze off in the car. I am going away next weekend and I am not sure what kind of instruction to leave for your grandparents as far as napping goes. Many days I let you guys decide.
You both continue to attract much attention. The fascination of twins continues even at 15 months. People are amazed that you could be twins, and yet look so different. Despite the attention I have gotten much better at continuing on my way, when necessary. You are such happy boys. We laugh a lot in this house and when we are playing we are silly. It seems to be wearing off on you as you both laugh often. Daddy and I have such a good time with you and our favorite days are family days. We look forward to them and have them as often as we can. It is always the highlight of our weekend.
Not a day goes by that you are not loved. Not a day goes by that I am not the proudest mother in the world. Daddy looks forward to coming home to us at the end of each day and you greet him with smiles and hugs. He loves it.

All of my love,

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