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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Chase and Ryder are 6 Months Old!!

Chase and Ryder at 6 Months

When I was pregnant, my friends and acquaintances with twins all said the same thing..."The first 6 months are the hardest." I was warned how we would not sleep, eat, or leave the house much in this first half year, but the second half would prove to be a considerable improvement. I never let these horror stories scare me. I figured I had few choices about handling life with twins so I just took the words as advice and stored them deep with in my memory bank.
Just last week my twins reached this milestone which I was told would be my life saver. I am amazed by so many things in regards to this, such as how quickly the 6 months passed, how big they have gotten, how active they have become, but the thing that amazes me the most is that it was these first 6 months that I was warned were so difficult. Our experience was not quite like that.
Maybe it is because I have a husband who pitches in 100% when he is home. Maybe it is because I have loving family on both sides living near by. Maybe it is because Todd and I both have relaxed personalities so we never make too big of a deal about much. Or, maybe, it is because we are blessed with two very good little boys. Regardless of why, I am proud to say we have gotten through these first 6 months with a coast that just had a few minor bumps along the way.
In the early weeks, the difficulties were two. One was simply tearing myself away from staring at my peacefully sleeping sons so that I could get something accomplished. The other was the lack of sleep, which took a month or so to catch up to me. Once it did it definitely took its toll but the reminder that it was just a phase kept us moving.
As time passed time management was my struggle. I could not figure out how in the few hours between feeding I was supposed to clean bottles, do laundry, straighten up, admire my guys, and breathe. It does not sound like very much to do, but it is. Although I have improved in this area of time management, I do still struggle a bit there.
As they got bigger, and heavier, I could no longer place them both on the boppy lounger for bottle feeds so I found a new system. They started eating solids and they learned patience while I learned efficiency.
Around month 4, Todd and I started to get our lives back. We were sleeping through the night, which improved everything. We were able to leave the boys with sitters (READ: Grandparents) and enjoy a night out. We put them to bed by 8:00pm and the had rest of the evening to ourselves.
I suppose there are things that made the first 6 months tough, but it was really not so bad. I am curious how life will be when they begin to crawl and are off in different directions. Maybe then the remaing 20 pounds of baby weight will start to disappear. However, if I take the advice of my twin-experienced friends, then the hardest is over. If the hardest was this much fun, I am excited for the easier times.

At six months old, though a bit on the smaller side, both Chase and Ryder seem to be fully caught up and achieving the milestones of any other 6 month old. Although Chase rolled over first he seemed to struggle with the desire to do it. Ryder, however, since figuring it out he rolls incessantly. Chase now goes both ways and does it often enough that we no longer need to practice with him. We do, however, continue to praise his efforts with each successful roll. Both boys are on their way to sitting up. Though they have never sat fully upright, they have sat for two minutes each, folded in half leaning on their arms, and they both love to sit up when supported. This is the first step. They both sleep through the night and take great morning naps. Their afternoon naps are not as consistent. Ryder is close to holding his bottle, he just needs to figure out the correct angle. Chase is not yet ready. Chase loves to bounce in his jumperoo and he laughs at himself the whole time he is bouncing. Ryder found a friend in Mr. Sunshine that lives on his exersaucer. Both boys get a kick out of their learning puppy and spend many hours eating their feet. When it is not their feet in their mouth, it is anything else they can put their hands on. Both are good eaters, though Ryder seems to be a bit more picky than Chase. Ryder is a snuggler, Chase not so much. At their most recent pediatrician appointment they weighed in at 15lbs and 14lbs-12 oz, Chase being the heavier (and longer) of the two. And, finally, at the risk of sounding like nothing more than a boasting mother, I am proud to say that they are both very good boys who laugh often, smile much, and cry seldomly.


The Pierce Posse said...

Good looking crew! Sure miss you guys, hope we can get together soon! Happy new year.

Scott Pierce

The Pierce Posse said...

i don't know how you've survived. it couldn't have happened to two better people. (twins I mean). I'm ready to plan a trip to the National Zoo this spring with you all. Or somewhere else? Any suggestions? What's your schedule look like? March? April? May? Email us. Let's set a date to get the boys together.