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Friday, June 1, 2007

The Ease of a Sunday Morning

Prior to December of 2005, Sunday mornings existed only on the tail of Saturday nights plan and it was rare we would welcome a Sunday before the clock showed PM. But that was our other life. In this life early Sunday morning is one of my favorite moments in our usually hectic week. The boys will wake us with their sweet coo's and gibberish conversation. Either Todd or I, whichever is able to move first, will go and gather our boys and bring them into bed with us. They will crawl around, often on our heads and jabbing their fingers into our ears and eyes. Occasionally, drool will hit us in our foreheads and often a hand will push down on our unemptied bladder, and yet we find this enjoyable. At home they love the big mirror behind our bed and laugh at themselves and eachother as they slap the mirror. At the shore there is no mirror but instead they have a light switch to play with, which provides them with many many minutes of fun as the bright lights flash relentlessly in our tired eyes. Yet, this too, we find enjoyable. The ease of Sunday mornings, the joy of our family time!!

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